Sunday, 14 September 2014

YouTuber Focus #36 | Niomi Smart

Channel: NiomiSmart
Subscribers: 769,322
Most Popular Video: My Morning Routine

22 year old Niomi Smart from Brighton has only been making YouTube videos for 6 months but already she's managed to gain a huuuge following of 3/4 of a million subscribers. Impressive.

Even if you aren't one of them you may recognise Niomi from the videos of some of the most popular british youtubers around. Niomi just so happens to be the girlfriend of Marcus Butler and has been been for, oh just 7 years. She's also best friends with the likes of Zoella and Tanya Burr so it really is no wonder her subscriber count has grown so quickly.

Niomi was a successful blogger at Lady Smart before deciding to make the move in to videos. She now uploads regular videos focusing on fashion, health and beauty including the likes monthly favourites, DIY's and healthy vegan recipes.

As she has been taken on by the same social talent agency as some of the biggest names on YouTube is looks like Nimoi's only going to become more and more popular from here. 

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