Sunday, 7 September 2014

YouTuber Focus #35 | Troye Sivan

Channel: TroyeSivan
Subscribers: 2,671,478
I Recommend: Coming Out

Troye Sivan is a 19 year old triple threat from Australia. Singer, actor and YouTuber. If you haven't heard of him already from being on YouTube you might have heard his song Happy Little Pill from his recently released EP, TRXYE, being played on national radio or whilst browsing through the music channels. Anyone else still do that? It was Radio 1's track of the day just the other week and by my standards that's a pretty big deal.

After showing off his singing skills on YouTube since 2007, with covers and original songs, he decided to start uploading vlog-style videos two years ago and has since managed to gain over 2 million subscribers and has truly been welcomed in to the tight-knit YouTuber community.

Troye's rumoured relationship with YouTube icon Tyler Oakley  is cause for much conversation around the internet, specifically Tumblr...'#TROYLER'! They even completed 'The Boyfriend Tag' for which they won a Teen Choice Award, but still never directly addressed the rumours or gave us a clue to whether they were in fact true.

Troye is no doubt an inspiration to many young people. He landed a recording contract with Universal Music by the age of 19, has a huge online following, and has spoke sincerely about being gay and coming out to his family to help others in the same situation after watching videos about other people coming out when he was younger.

Without YouTube who is to say where Troye's music career would be, but it seems that injecting a little personality in to ones channel with vlogs and building relationships with fellow YouTubers and viewers does help the chances of appealing to a record label. It's not dissimilar to the rise in beauty gurus creating more lifestyle and vlog content so viewers can see the real person behind the makeup.

So that's it, and now I've got 'dollar bills happy little piiiiiilllll' stuck in my head.

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