Sunday, 21 September 2014

YouTuber Focus #37 | AmazingPhil

Channel: AmazingPhil
Subscribers: 2,051,734
Most Popular Video: Phil is not on fire 4 
My Recommendation: My Tumblr Tag!

 Phil Lester, aka AmazingPhil, is a 27 year-old London-basedYouTuber and radio presenter best known for being one half of internet and radio duo Dan and Phil, aka PHAN. Obviously their viewers  are 'PHANS' and they are part of  the 'PHANDOM', because that's how the internet works.  Phil was inspired to make his own YouTube videos when he discovered the likes of SMOSH during his college days and with little editing and a less than advanced camera he started his own channel. Phil's videos are classic video blogs with him talking to the camera in his bedroom about anything from listing the things he 'thought that were true that are not true' to the now extremely popular (thanks to Phil) '7 second challenge'. 

Phil then went to university in York and after the death of one of his best friends during his final year Phil was reminded that he needed to take advantage of exciting opportunities rather than shying away from them. After uni Phil soon discovered there was a whole community of YouTubers uploading videos too who inspired him to put even more work in to his videos. Soon after he met  Dan of danisnotonfire, and the rest was history...
 Dan and Phil started living together in Manchester where they filmed more videos together and were given the chance to travel to YouTuber conventions and create radio shows for the BBC. In January 2013 they were giving their own weekly slot on Radio 1 which has more recently featured other popular YouTubers as part of Radio 1's Internet Takeover. Dan and Phil have also recently started their own joint gaming channel quite originally named 'Dan and Phil GAMES'. So it pretty much looks like we'll all be hearing a lot more from Phil and after achieving such success it seems like he is now one of the one's inspiring others to start making their own videos.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

YouTuber Focus #36 | Niomi Smart

Channel: NiomiSmart
Subscribers: 769,322
Most Popular Video: My Morning Routine

22 year old Niomi Smart from Brighton has only been making YouTube videos for 6 months but already she's managed to gain a huuuge following of 3/4 of a million subscribers. Impressive.

Even if you aren't one of them you may recognise Niomi from the videos of some of the most popular british youtubers around. Niomi just so happens to be the girlfriend of Marcus Butler and has been been for, oh just 7 years. She's also best friends with the likes of Zoella and Tanya Burr so it really is no wonder her subscriber count has grown so quickly.

Niomi was a successful blogger at Lady Smart before deciding to make the move in to videos. She now uploads regular videos focusing on fashion, health and beauty including the likes monthly favourites, DIY's and healthy vegan recipes.

As she has been taken on by the same social talent agency as some of the biggest names on YouTube is looks like Nimoi's only going to become more and more popular from here. 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

YouTuber Focus #35 | Troye Sivan

Channel: TroyeSivan
Subscribers: 2,671,478
I Recommend: Coming Out

Troye Sivan is a 19 year old triple threat from Australia. Singer, actor and YouTuber. If you haven't heard of him already from being on YouTube you might have heard his song Happy Little Pill from his recently released EP, TRXYE, being played on national radio or whilst browsing through the music channels. Anyone else still do that? It was Radio 1's track of the day just the other week and by my standards that's a pretty big deal.

After showing off his singing skills on YouTube since 2007, with covers and original songs, he decided to start uploading vlog-style videos two years ago and has since managed to gain over 2 million subscribers and has truly been welcomed in to the tight-knit YouTuber community.

Troye's rumoured relationship with YouTube icon Tyler Oakley  is cause for much conversation around the internet, specifically Tumblr...'#TROYLER'! They even completed 'The Boyfriend Tag' for which they won a Teen Choice Award, but still never directly addressed the rumours or gave us a clue to whether they were in fact true.

Troye is no doubt an inspiration to many young people. He landed a recording contract with Universal Music by the age of 19, has a huge online following, and has spoke sincerely about being gay and coming out to his family to help others in the same situation after watching videos about other people coming out when he was younger.

Without YouTube who is to say where Troye's music career would be, but it seems that injecting a little personality in to ones channel with vlogs and building relationships with fellow YouTubers and viewers does help the chances of appealing to a record label. It's not dissimilar to the rise in beauty gurus creating more lifestyle and vlog content so viewers can see the real person behind the makeup.

So that's it, and now I've got 'dollar bills happy little piiiiiilllll' stuck in my head.