Sunday, 31 August 2014

YouTuber Focus #34 | Miranda Sings and Colleen Ballinger

Channel: MirandaSings
Subscribers: 2,013,060

Channel: PsychoSoprano
Subscribers: 1,160,074
Most Popular Video: Becoming Miranda Sings!

A bit of a weird one this week, especially weird if you've never hear of Miranda Sings before. For the first time we're talking about two channels in the same post, Miranda's and Colleen's, who, if you haven't realised already, are very much the same person.

Miranda is a character who was created by Colleen in 2008. Originally she was designed to be caricature of girls that Colleen knew from the performance department of college and who posted videos of themselves singing on YouTube despite not being all that talented.What began as a joke between friends quickly grew, with the character becoming even more exaggerated, and now the MirandaSings channel has over 2 million subscribers. Videos of Miranda giving 'voice lessons' shortly went viral and her version of Nicki Minaj's Starships has received over 5 million views. 

The over painted red lips, the over sized shirt tucked in to sweatpants, the tone-deaf singing, the awkward dancing, the mispronunciation of words, they're all things that have made Miranda somewhat of an internet icon. Colleen's success as Miranda has allowed her to travel all over the U.S, and soon the UK, with her one woman show where she performs some of Miranda's best loved covers to her 'mirfandas'. I think Defying Gravity has to be my fave.  

The thing is, Colleen actually can sing, like the 'she should be in a broadway musical' kind of singing. Once people find out that the girl behind Miranda is Colleen, who is actually really talented, they want to know more about her and so Colleens own channel has now reached over one million subscribers itself. Her PsychoSoprano channel gives Miranda fans behind the scenes videos and bloopers as well as duets between Colleen and Miranda. Those split screen duets still baffle me, it's like some sort of video wizardry. Colleen also uploads weekly Q&A videos, aka Colleen's Corner, reacts to old videos, photos and diary entries and often features appearances from her sister Rachel and husband-to-be Josh of JoshuaDTV.

It's kind of tricky to explain the whole Miranda-Colleen thing. After all these years there are always people commenting on every Miranda video giving her 'hate' and still not understanding that Miranda is in fact a character and a parody. In the words of Miranda, 'Haters Back Off!'.

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