Sunday, 24 August 2014

YouTuber Focus #33 | Chester See

Channel: ChesterSee
Subscribers: 1,520,382

Chester See is a Californian singer, songwriter and online media personality who is probably best known for his original songs and covers on YouTube. Chester uploaded his first video, an original song called God Damn You're Beautiful, back in 2007 and has since uploaded over 300 further videos and gained over one and a half million loyal subscribers.

Don't worry if original love songs aren't your thing, Chester's channel isn't all lovey-dovey and emotional, though he has absolutely nailed the puppy dog eyes. Chester also produces his own comedy sketches and music videos and often features fellow YouTubers and friends in his videos, in particularly with his new weekly Bed Talk videos.Recently Chester has upped his video output with a new video uploaded to his channel every weekday. This means even more music, more sketches, more vlog-style videos, more collaborations with other YouTubers and just generally getting to know a bit more about the man behind the music. If you couldn't tell, I'm keen.

It doesn't all stop at Chester's own channel either, he has also produced and starred in his own glee-style musical drama 'Side Effects' for AwesomenessTV which is based around a teenage girl who has musical illusions. If you're a self-confessed Gleek, you'll love Side Effects too. 

Click any of the links above to see some of Chester's videos for yourself, you might just become a Model Seetizen too!

P.S. Chester is also 'rumoured' (it's so true) to be dating previously featured YouTube fave Grace Helbig, whose influence can definitely be seen in Chester's more recent videos. I'm totally for it, if a little bit jealous. #GRESTER #shipped

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