Sunday, 10 August 2014

YouTuber Focus #32 | Jack Howard

Channel: JackHoward
Subscribers: 250,189
Most Popular Video: 7 Facts About Jack Howard
My Highlight: Making Memories

Jack Howard is a 22 year-old, London-based, filmmaker and YouTuber who started uploading comedy videos to his channel in 2012. I say comedy but he describes it as 'pretending to be funny'. I for one actually think he is. 

Jack is one half of the comedy duo Jack and Dean (crazy original name right?) and their joint channel full of sketches and personal favourite, their song Consent, has over 350,000 subscribers. OK so  maybe I should have written this post about the duo, but it was Jack alone that I really first knew about. It was through his friendship with Louise of Sprinkle of glitter that I first heard of Jack. I say friendship, I mean brother-sister style, sarcasm based relationship, of sorts.

Jack's videos have recently helped him reach a quarter of a million subscribers and given him plenty of opportunities including visiting Florida for PlaylistLive and having Consent played on Radio One. Pretty good going, thanks or making me feel unaccomplished for my age Jack. 

Have you checked out Jack's, or Jack and Dean's, videos before? Click the links above to have a look for yourself.

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