Sunday, 17 August 2014

YouTuber Focus #32 | Amelia Liana

Channel: Amelia Liana
Subscribers: 197,134
My Highlight: Get Unready With Me

Amelia Liana is a relatively new YouTuber in the grand scheme of things, her first video How To: Contour & Highlight like Kim Kardashian was uploaded in May last year, but in that short space of time she has managed to gain a huge 200,000 subscribers. Impressive.

Amelia studied sociology at Nottingham University but always had a real passion for the beauty industry. She started her beauty website whilst at university and also started watching beauty gurus online whilst procrastinating. Been there. She eventually created her own beauty focused YouTube channel as a result of a lot of persuasion from friend and fellow successful YouTuber, LilyPebbles, after being  in one of her videos.

Although she hasn't been around too long Amelia has been well and truly welcomed in to both the YouTube and beauty community creating videos with the likes of Fleur de Force and EssieButton. It's a combination of her in-depth knowledge of all things beauty-related and her positive personality that does it. I also appreciate how she doesn't worry about talking to her viewers about periods or her 'natural monobrow'. It's pretty refreshing.

One thing's for sure, she definitely knows her beauty, specifically high-end makeup and skincare. On Amelia's channel you can find hauls (there's plenty of them), get ready with me videos, favourites, tags, collaborations and vlogs from her travels in America. Get ready to add to that list of beauty products you are lusting after. Anyone have an actual list? No? Just me then.

Do you watch Amelia's videos? If you haven't yet then check them out by clicking the links above.

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