Sunday, 3 August 2014

YouTuber Focus #31 | Gabby @ velvetgh0st

Channel: velvetgh0st
Subscribers: 247,971
Most Popular Video: Beauty Haul with Zoella
My Highlight: Home Haul...ANOTHER!!!

Gabby, aka velvetgh0st, is a 20 year-old blogger and YouTuber who posts three videos a week - Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They're predominantly beauty-based but with a few fashion and lifestyle inspired videos thrown in to the mix. Think hauls, favourites, tutorials and the occasional vlog. She actually has a less active second channel too, PlanetGabb, which is more vlog focused and less beauty focused.With plans to move out of her family home soon she's been uploading quite a few homeware hauls to her main channel which are, despite living at home myself, my personal faves. It's probably just because I'm so nosy. A sneak peak in to a strangers home? Yes please.

Gabby began uploading videos in April 2013, starting with her everyday makeup routine, after watching other beauty gurus and deciding to give it a go herself. In YouTube terms that's not a very long time compared to a lot of popular YouTubers but she sure has managed to rack up a good few subscribers in that time. More recently has started appearing in videos alongside Zoella which of course may have helped the quick increase in her subscriber count. That's not to say Gabby's videos wouldn't have been popular otherwise but it definitely would have given her more exposure. People press that subscribe button and stick around for Gabby's upbeat and infectious personality though, not because of who her friends are.

Before starting YouTube Gabby used to be overweight, that's not me being mean, she wrote a blog post about it here where she discusses being badly bullied through school. Her success now, and happiness, is proof that if you work hard you really can turn your life around. It's up to you!

Are you one of Gabby's 200,000 subscribers? What type of videos of hers are your favourites?

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