Sunday, 20 July 2014

YouTuber Focus #29 | Miss Glamorazzi

Channel: MissGlamorazzi
Subscribers: 2,769,923
Most Popular Video: NYC Hotel Room Tour!

Ingrid Nilsen, also know by her channel name Miss Glamorazzi began uploading videos to YouTube channel back in 2009 and now, aged 25, is one of the most popular fashion and beauty vloggers in the world. Ingrid was born in 1989 to her Thai mother and Scandinavian father but due to her upbringing in the U.S really does come across as the classic all-American girl.

Ingrid's first videos began with quick beauty product reviews and how-to's and when you compare her early videos to her most recent ones you can really see how much her channel, it's content and it's quality has developed. Though still a big beauty fan, Ingrid now uploads a more diverse range of lifestyle videos from the classic favourites and get ready with me's to DIY party décor and healthy recipes. She's even created extra cooking videos for POPSUGAR Girl's Guide channel.
Ingrid's videos radiate positivity and happy vibes and her life seems pretty much perfect, but somehow she doesn't even manage to come across as smug or too sickly sweet. It really does seem like she is actually that upbeat all the time. It makes me feel a little better about myself however that she isn't always that healthy 24/7 though, Ingrid is a self-proclaimed doughnut obsessive. Aren't we all? 
It looks like things are going only going to get even bigger for Ingird. Just while writing this post I've seen her subscriber count go up by 500! Crazy. Check out Ingrid's videos by clicking the links above and follow SocialVix on Bloglovin' so you never miss a YouTuber Focus post!