Sunday, 13 July 2014

YouTuber Focus #28 | Danisnotonfire

Channel: danisnotonfire
Subscribers: 3,740,852
Most Popular Video: How To Speak INTERNET

Dan Howell, aka danisnotonfire, is a 23 year-old YouTuber originally from Berkshire and now living in London. Dan describes his channel as 'The internet support group for people who hate people' and uses his platform to share his opinions and tell tales of his awkwardness for our entertainment. I know you shouldn't get enjoyment out of other people's misfortune but when you  feel like it's definitely something your awkward self would also do, I think it's ok. See  'My Highlight' video linked above to see Dan talk about some of his very awkward moments with easily one of my favourite Louise. I defy you not to clench your whole body whilst trying to stop handle the cringe.

Dan began creating videos in his gap year before going to university to study law after being inspired by the likes of last week's focus, Charlie McDonnell. He soon moved in with internet friend Phil (AmazingPhil). You can totally tell that when they were in their teens they nailed the emo, looking up to the camera, hair swooped to one side MySpace photo, but that's another point. Dan took a break from his degree when it was all getting a bit much and used the time to concentrate on YouTube, allowing him to attend conferences such as PlaylistLive and meet YouTubers from all over the world.

Soon enough Dan and Phil were contacted by BBC Radio One (big deal) to create a few Christmas shows and they were so popular that they now have their own weekly radio show every Sunday on Radio One (huge deal!). Why can't I say something is a big deal without feeling like it sounds horribly sarcastic? I don't know. Anyway having your own radio show is pretty cool for a slightly awkward 23 year-old right? Let alone when it's for the BBC. It's another perfect example of how popular YouTubers can crossover in to more mainstream media. Their online fans will follow them over to the radio and they'll also gain new viewers from radio listeners. Win win. Maybe we'll see even more radio or TV presenters come on to the scene who started off as YouTubers in the future, it seems to work!

Dan's future is certainly looking pretty good and it near broke my heart when I watched his Draw My Life video in which he said he is just happy that he is finally being treated the way he has tried to treat others his whole life. It's nice to be nice!

Oh and also if anyone knows where the name 'danisnotonfire' originated from please let me know, because I am absolutely none the wiser! Was he ever actually on fire? Who knows? I definitely don't.

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