Sunday, 15 June 2014

YouTuber Focus #24 | A Model Recommends


Subscribers: 228,680

A Model Recommends is the YouTube channel and blog name of successful model Ruth Crilly. 33 year-old Ruth, who I definitely thought was way younger, began modelling during the second year of a law degree when she was signed by renowned agency Models One. The law degree got left behind, I don't blame her, but she did manage to achieve a degree in English Literature a few years later so the education is not lost.

Ruth has admitted that when she started uploading videos to YouTube back in 2010 there was no intention of becoming a 'YouTuber' but rather used it as a way of embedding videos to her A Model Recommends website. Now her channel has over 200,000 subscribers and it's no surprise, who wouldn't want to look to an experienced model for beauty and skincare tips?

A lot of people might have some preconceived idea about models but Ruth never comes across as superficial or vain but is very down to earth, natural and chatty. Her videos range from product reviews, modelling tips, monthly favourites, get ready with me videos and more.

Ruth also has a second channel Model Scrapbook where she uploads more vlog style videos, taking us behind the scenes of model life at the likes of London Fashion Week, the Brit Awards and her trip to Dubai. I challenge you not to get a little jealous!

There's no questioning Ruth would have achieved success without YouTube, well she did already have a successful modelling career, but it looks like her blog and channel have taken her in to a different direction that no one would have even considered possible back 10 or so years ago. As long as viewers keep embracing her channel it looks like Ruth's online presence is only going to grow from here.

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