Sunday, 1 June 2014

YouTuber Focus #22 | Hannah Hart

Channel: MyHarto
Subscribers: 1,116,538
Hannah Hart is a 27 year-old LA-based comedy YouTuber best known for her weekly My Drunk Kitchen videos in which she cooks while just a little bit tipsy. OK, sometimes more than a little bit.
Hannah uploaded her first My Drunk Kitchen episode back in March 2011 and became a YouTube partner within months. It's success allowed her to quit her job as a Japanese translator in New York and focus on her channel and her first love, comedic writing. As well as weekly My Drunk Kitchen uploads, Hannah also uploads more 'talky' videos and collaborations with her YouTube friends. She also has a second channel YourHarto on which she uploads more extras videos, including vlogs, behind the scenes and bloopers.
Through her YouTube channel Hannah has become besties with fellow, previously featured, comedy YouTubers, Grace Helbig (Hartbig is their 'ship' name by the way) and Mamrie Hart (no relation, purely coincidence). Fans of the trio refer to them as the holy trinity and their YouTube success has allowed them to write and star in their own feature film, Camp Takota, and go on a worldwide tour with their #NoFilterShow. Hannah has also taken her own tour Hello Harto on the road around the U.S, Canada, Europe and Australia coinciding with #NoFilter peformances and her attendance at YouTube conventions around the world.
If that wasn't enough My Drunk Kitchen is now a book! Hannah's guide to eating, drinking and going with your gut is released this August and has the support of YouTube hero and bestselling author John Green. The news of her book comes at a time where numerous YouTubers are announcing book deals, so it looks like it's the way forward for a lot of the big name vloggers at the moment. BRB, off to go add to my Amazon wish list.
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