Thursday, 26 June 2014

Book Deals Everywhere!

This year is seems like every big name on YouTube has managed to land themselves a book deal, Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Shaycarl to name but a few, and last week Zoella announced that she was the latest to start working on her book release.

Zoe has been working on her young adult novel, Girl Online (due out in November), for several months since being contacted by Penguin, only like the biggest publishing house ever, to sign a two-book deal. The fictional book will address certain issues that Zoe herself wishes she could have read about more as a teen, such as struggling with anxiety, but also covers the classics including love, loss, friendship, fallouts, all with the modern twist of being based around a blogger. Though Zoe promises it's not based herself, despite the likeness.

Personally, I think it can only be a good thing that internet stars of today are branching out in to more, what I could only call, 'old school entertainment'. It's nice to know when we get all wrapped up in social media and the digital age that people are still interested in opening up a book, even those whose whole career has been made online. E-book versions will all be available to download too of course, but I'm a real-life book person myself. All I hope is that talented writers aren't being overlooked because they don't have as big of an online following as those whose lives have been made online. I don't blame the publishers though, it's clear these books by YouTubers with millions of subscribers are going to fly off the shelves. The metaphorical online shelves anyway.

I'll most likely be right with everyone else on Amazon ordering mine when they're released. Will you be getting yours too? Who's book are you most looking forward to getting your hands on? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Wow that's incredible - what an amazing achievement for Zoe! I'm not sure i'd buy it personally.. but I bet it's going to be on every teenage girls christmas list! xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie