Sunday, 25 May 2014

YouTuber Focus #21 | Joey Graceffa


Channel: JoeyGraceffa
Subscribers: 3,388,719

It's back to the other side of the Atlantic this week as it's all about California based YouTuber Joey Graceffa. Joey, now 23 , started uploading videos to a joint YouTube channel with high school bestie Brittany at 16 after overcoming a relatively troubled childhood and a few years later created his own YouTube channel. He now has over 3 million subscribers (crazy, right?) tuning in to his videos. Joey himself uploads a video, most often a vlog, but also collabs, challenges and q&a's every single day. That's a whole lotta videos.

I first became aware of Joey's YouTube presence through watching collaborations he had done with popular British youtubers and often appearing in their vlogs from events PlaylistLive and Vidcon. The cross-promotion technique really does work!

Not only does Joey upload daily to his main channel but also has a successful gaming channel, JoeyGraceffaGames, which sees him play along to his favourite video games for his viewers enjoyment. Having two channels which are so successful and regularly updated shows a great deal of dedication and hard-work. Sure on the outside he's making a living just from uploading videos of him playing games and having fun but having such a tight schedule would mean hours upon hours of filming and editing every single day. That's pretty impressive.

Joey clearly loves what he does and is a strong believer in following one's dreams so it looks like his online success is only going to grow from here! As Joey himself always finishes his videos, i'll finish this post with: May the odds be ever in your favour - goodbye!

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