Sunday, 18 May 2014

YouTuber Focus #20 | Becca Rose

Channel: BeccaRose
Subscribers: 184,482
Most Popular Video: ELF Best & Worst!

Becca Rose is a 19 year old, UK based, fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and YouTuber. Becca, formerly known online as voussontbeauetebelle (bit of a mouth full), began uploading videos regularly to her YouTube channel in 2011, showing us her OOTD's whilst studying at sixth form.

One thing I love about writing about YouTubers is that it gives me an excuse to go back and have a look at their first few videos. Not only is the quality much higher in recent videos but often their style has adapted greatly too. Becca's first videos show her with bright blonde hair looking as though she just stepped out of Urban Outfitters and now she's dark-haired, porcelain skinned and ladylike in head-to-toe in pretty pastels.

With now over 200 videos under her belt Becca is well accustomed with the fashion and beauty guru norms uploading regular lookbook videos, get ready with me's, tutorials, favourites and is pretty much the queen of the phenomenon that is the Primark haul. Becca also has a second channel BeccaRoseTV on which she uploads more out and about vlog-style videos. Recently, Becca also became one of the new additions to the Daily Mix team, creating videos alongside the likes of Pixiwoo, Jim Chapman and Sprinkle of Glitter. Pretty good company, right?

Though Becca comes across as pretty confident on screen, (and also a little posh, you'll get used to it), she's actually also very down to earth and doesn't take herself too seriously. Becca has openly spoken about her struggle with ME and epilepsy which caused her to become housebound at one stage. In fact she states this as one of the reasons she started making videos in the first place, in turn helping her become more confident. See, there is more to the YouTube beauty community than what someone's favourite lipstick has been this month!

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  1. Great post! I only recently watched one of Becca's videos for the first time and she's just such a bubbly girl! x

    Josie’s Journal