Sunday, 11 May 2014

YouTuber Focus #19 | Mamrie Hart

Subscribers: 518,729
Views: 20,211,708
My Highlight: Frozen Drink!

In previous YouTuber Focus posts I've described some of the vloggers as good examples to ease yourself in to in to the world of YouTube. Mamrie Hart isn't exactly one of them, and I don't mean that in a bad way, it can all just get pretty full on.

Mamrie is a 30 year old American comedian, actress, writer and now hugely popular internet personality who is most famous for her  YouTube series You Deserve A Drink (YDAD). Mamrie began uploading videos to her YouTube channel in 2011 in which she combined her experience as a bartender with her love of performing to record herself creating cocktails while reeling off puns and sexual innuendos often relating to current popular culture. Mamrie finishes each YDAD video by telling viewers about the built in drinking game in which they can rewind the video and drink every time she makes a terrible pun. That's a lot of sips!

I first came across Mamrie when watching one of Tyler Oakley's videos in which he and Mamrie taped a bottle of beer to each of their hands and basically filmed themselves as that got both drunker and funnier. You can watch it for yourself here. Cue dozens of fellow YouTubers following the trend and recording themselves take on the challenge.

Mamrie is also one third of what their online followers and subscribers refer to as The Holy Trinity, alongside Hannah Hart (not related) and previously featured Grace Helbig with all regularly featuring in each others videos. The threesome also came together to star in film Camp Takota which was released earlier this year and co-written by Mamrie herself.

Mamrie also has a second YouTube channel, Mametown, on which she began uploading weekly non YDAD related videos last year.

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