Saturday, 10 May 2014

Jim Chapman's TV debut!

First things first if you've read the title of the post and said 'whooo?'  to yourself then go and check out my previous post introducing you to all things Jim Chapman, aka one of the most popular British YouTubers around. Go and get yourself in the know!

Now that you are a Jim Chapman expert it's time to talk about his television debut on ITV2's new show Viral Tap. If you've been a follower of Jim for a while you may remember a few months back he vlogged about his top secret auditions for an exciting new project and finally we are able to see what it was all about.

The premise of new show Viral Tap is that viewers send in their (hopefully funny but not always) videos in the hope of winning some money. Think of it as a sort of cross between You've Been Framed and Rude Tube. A post-watershed You've Been Framed maybe, with Caroline Flack presenting and a panel of comedians and special guests (this is where Jim comes in) deciding how much the clips should be awarded. Personally I'm not convinced that tempting people to do stupid and potentially dangerous things in the hope of being awarded some cash is the most responsible format for a TV show but there we go.

Jim fans were left a little disappointed in the first episode as he wasn't featured on the panel but just in a short segment about a goat (yeah, really) but it was all ok because by the second episode he played more of a central role and took his seat on the panel alongside Xtra Factor's Matt Richardson.

Jim is such a natural in front of the camera after years of vlogging that he easily adapts to being on TV and personally I think Viral Tap were pretty lucky to nab him. With such a massive online following already Jim's 'best friends' are sure to account for a lot of the Viral Tap viewership. I know I probably wouldn't have intentionally watched it if it wasn't for wanting to see Jim's big debut. Plus as a vlogger himself he actually knows a bit about what the show is all about and how videos go viral, surely that helps right? I hope the ITV2 knows how good they've got it.

This could well just be the start of YouTubers becoming more involved in the mainstream media. With the industry cottoning on to just how successful and influential many vloggers are then it's no wonder they are being offered more opportunities like this so that TV can keep up with young people and online trends. Let's just hope our favourite YouTuber's don't ditch the reason we love them for bigger money-making deals. Don't worry though, I have no doubt Jim will ever leave his best friends behind!

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