Sunday, 25 May 2014

YouTuber Focus #21 | Joey Graceffa


Channel: JoeyGraceffa
Subscribers: 3,388,719

It's back to the other side of the Atlantic this week as it's all about California based YouTuber Joey Graceffa. Joey, now 23 , started uploading videos to a joint YouTube channel with high school bestie Brittany at 16 after overcoming a relatively troubled childhood and a few years later created his own YouTube channel. He now has over 3 million subscribers (crazy, right?) tuning in to his videos. Joey himself uploads a video, most often a vlog, but also collabs, challenges and q&a's every single day. That's a whole lotta videos.

I first became aware of Joey's YouTube presence through watching collaborations he had done with popular British youtubers and often appearing in their vlogs from events PlaylistLive and Vidcon. The cross-promotion technique really does work!

Not only does Joey upload daily to his main channel but also has a successful gaming channel, JoeyGraceffaGames, which sees him play along to his favourite video games for his viewers enjoyment. Having two channels which are so successful and regularly updated shows a great deal of dedication and hard-work. Sure on the outside he's making a living just from uploading videos of him playing games and having fun but having such a tight schedule would mean hours upon hours of filming and editing every single day. That's pretty impressive.

Joey clearly loves what he does and is a strong believer in following one's dreams so it looks like his online success is only going to grow from here! As Joey himself always finishes his videos, i'll finish this post with: May the odds be ever in your favour - goodbye!

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Sunday, 18 May 2014

YouTuber Focus #20 | Becca Rose

Channel: BeccaRose
Subscribers: 184,482
Most Popular Video: ELF Best & Worst!

Becca Rose is a 19 year old, UK based, fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and YouTuber. Becca, formerly known online as voussontbeauetebelle (bit of a mouth full), began uploading videos regularly to her YouTube channel in 2011, showing us her OOTD's whilst studying at sixth form.

One thing I love about writing about YouTubers is that it gives me an excuse to go back and have a look at their first few videos. Not only is the quality much higher in recent videos but often their style has adapted greatly too. Becca's first videos show her with bright blonde hair looking as though she just stepped out of Urban Outfitters and now she's dark-haired, porcelain skinned and ladylike in head-to-toe in pretty pastels.

With now over 200 videos under her belt Becca is well accustomed with the fashion and beauty guru norms uploading regular lookbook videos, get ready with me's, tutorials, favourites and is pretty much the queen of the phenomenon that is the Primark haul. Becca also has a second channel BeccaRoseTV on which she uploads more out and about vlog-style videos. Recently, Becca also became one of the new additions to the Daily Mix team, creating videos alongside the likes of Pixiwoo, Jim Chapman and Sprinkle of Glitter. Pretty good company, right?

Though Becca comes across as pretty confident on screen, (and also a little posh, you'll get used to it), she's actually also very down to earth and doesn't take herself too seriously. Becca has openly spoken about her struggle with ME and epilepsy which caused her to become housebound at one stage. In fact she states this as one of the reasons she started making videos in the first place, in turn helping her become more confident. See, there is more to the YouTube beauty community than what someone's favourite lipstick has been this month!

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Sunday, 11 May 2014

YouTuber Focus #19 | Mamrie Hart

Subscribers: 518,729
Views: 20,211,708
My Highlight: Frozen Drink!

In previous YouTuber Focus posts I've described some of the vloggers as good examples to ease yourself in to in to the world of YouTube. Mamrie Hart isn't exactly one of them, and I don't mean that in a bad way, it can all just get pretty full on.

Mamrie is a 30 year old American comedian, actress, writer and now hugely popular internet personality who is most famous for her  YouTube series You Deserve A Drink (YDAD). Mamrie began uploading videos to her YouTube channel in 2011 in which she combined her experience as a bartender with her love of performing to record herself creating cocktails while reeling off puns and sexual innuendos often relating to current popular culture. Mamrie finishes each YDAD video by telling viewers about the built in drinking game in which they can rewind the video and drink every time she makes a terrible pun. That's a lot of sips!

I first came across Mamrie when watching one of Tyler Oakley's videos in which he and Mamrie taped a bottle of beer to each of their hands and basically filmed themselves as that got both drunker and funnier. You can watch it for yourself here. Cue dozens of fellow YouTubers following the trend and recording themselves take on the challenge.

Mamrie is also one third of what their online followers and subscribers refer to as The Holy Trinity, alongside Hannah Hart (not related) and previously featured Grace Helbig with all regularly featuring in each others videos. The threesome also came together to star in film Camp Takota which was released earlier this year and co-written by Mamrie herself.

Mamrie also has a second YouTube channel, Mametown, on which she began uploading weekly non YDAD related videos last year.

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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Jim Chapman's TV debut!

First things first if you've read the title of the post and said 'whooo?'  to yourself then go and check out my previous post introducing you to all things Jim Chapman, aka one of the most popular British YouTubers around. Go and get yourself in the know!

Now that you are a Jim Chapman expert it's time to talk about his television debut on ITV2's new show Viral Tap. If you've been a follower of Jim for a while you may remember a few months back he vlogged about his top secret auditions for an exciting new project and finally we are able to see what it was all about.

The premise of new show Viral Tap is that viewers send in their (hopefully funny but not always) videos in the hope of winning some money. Think of it as a sort of cross between You've Been Framed and Rude Tube. A post-watershed You've Been Framed maybe, with Caroline Flack presenting and a panel of comedians and special guests (this is where Jim comes in) deciding how much the clips should be awarded. Personally I'm not convinced that tempting people to do stupid and potentially dangerous things in the hope of being awarded some cash is the most responsible format for a TV show but there we go.

Jim fans were left a little disappointed in the first episode as he wasn't featured on the panel but just in a short segment about a goat (yeah, really) but it was all ok because by the second episode he played more of a central role and took his seat on the panel alongside Xtra Factor's Matt Richardson.

Jim is such a natural in front of the camera after years of vlogging that he easily adapts to being on TV and personally I think Viral Tap were pretty lucky to nab him. With such a massive online following already Jim's 'best friends' are sure to account for a lot of the Viral Tap viewership. I know I probably wouldn't have intentionally watched it if it wasn't for wanting to see Jim's big debut. Plus as a vlogger himself he actually knows a bit about what the show is all about and how videos go viral, surely that helps right? I hope the ITV2 knows how good they've got it.

This could well just be the start of YouTubers becoming more involved in the mainstream media. With the industry cottoning on to just how successful and influential many vloggers are then it's no wonder they are being offered more opportunities like this so that TV can keep up with young people and online trends. Let's just hope our favourite YouTuber's don't ditch the reason we love them for bigger money-making deals. Don't worry though, I have no doubt Jim will ever leave his best friends behind!

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Sunday, 4 May 2014

YouTuber Focus #18 | LLYMLRS


Channel: LLYMLRS
Subscribers: 120,336
Views: 4,760,115
Most Popular Video: Bedhead Curls | Everyday Hair

It's that time of the week again, and today it's all about fashion and beauty blogger and vlogger Lily Melrose, or as she's better known online LLYMLRS.

Lily began uploading videos to her YouTube channel in 2012 shortly after celebrating her fashion blogs third birthday. Lily is now 24 and with a degree in graphic design and a hundred thousand subscribers behind her, Lily's fashion blog and beauty blog are stronger than ever.

Lily's channel serves as the perfect extension of her blog with regular hauls (who doesn't love a Primark haul?), seasonal lookbooks, tutorials and get ready with me videos to name just a few examples of what to expect. It's great to see her style and editing skills develop in these videos since her channel began too, it's like she's growing up along with her viewers.

Lily's style is just a little bit grungy and a little bit skatery (that's a word right?) with clearly a few influences from her teenage scene/emo days. That's the good thing about Lily, she's one fashion blogger who isn't pretending everything is perfect and pretty and has admitted she'll never be the type of blogger who sneaks some out of focus flowers in to every instagram snap.

With a successful blog and YouTube channel Lily has become a firm favourite with blogger-centric fashion and beauty brands and with her online presence ever expanding it looks as though her influence within the online fashion community will only grow from here.

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