Sunday, 20 April 2014

YouTuber Focus #16 | Pixiwoo

Channel: Pixiwoo
Subscribers: 1,540,033
Views: 195,735,155
Most Popular Video: Drag MakeUp Tutorial

For the first time in this series this week's YouTuber focus post features two YouTubers as opposed to one, but as they are sisters who share a channel I think it's ok. Samantha and Nicola Chapman are make-up artists from Norwich who created their YouTube channel Pixiwoo in 2008 to share their make-up and hair tips and tutorials. Over 600 videos later and they are two of the most successful and popular beauty vloggers around.

The Pixiwoo sisters are best known for their celebrity inspired make-up tutorials from the Kardashians to Kate Middleton they've got it covered and even take on more challenging costume makeup such as Disney's Maleficent and X-men's Mystique. Not only that but Sam and Nic also teach you the basics that could otherwise so easily go wrong from the classic smoky eye to nailing the perfect dewy (not sweaty) skin for Summer.

Sam Chapman's online success and make-up expertise has allowed her to create and develop her own range of make-up brushes, Real Techniques (available in Boots and Superdrug). The brushes are loved and raved about by just about every beauty blogger around, not only because they are viewers and supporters of the Pixiwoo channel but because they are genuinely really good brushes at an affordable price. I've purchased a few myself after giving in to all the hype and become just a little bit obsessed.

The Pixiwoo sisters are also regulars over on the DailyMix channel which features many popular YouTubers. Both have been particularly involved in a DailyMix series known as Beauty Bootcamp in which they mentor  and guide less experienced beauty obsessives who are competing in hopes of becoming DailyMix's next big beauty vlogger and featuring in regular videos on the channel.

I think the reason for Sam and Nic's great YouTube success is that it's pretty clear that they know their stuff. There are so many young beauty bloggers trying to become the next online beauty guru (and that's great) but Sam and Nic have experience of being make-up artists in the real world, on real celebrities and models. They know the tricks of the trade and a massive 1.5 million subscribers are pretty thankful for them sharing them with us.

Just to prove how tightly knit the British YouTube community is, and it took me a while to get my head around this, the Pixiwoo sisters little brother is previously featured Jim Chapman. Jim's fiancĂ© is beauty guru Tanya Burr who was inspired by Pixiwoo to create her own channel. Tanya is besties with Zoella, who is the sister of Joe and girlfriend of Alfie. Oh and there is also a second Chapman brother, John, who has his own health and fitness channel about TheLeanMachines. Got it? Phew. That's a lot to take in.

I could probably go on forever but I'll try not to turn this in to a short essay. All that's left to say is go and check out Pixiwoo's videos if you haven't already. Start off by searching for your celebrity beauty inspiration and chances are they've already got a tutorial there waiting for you to try out for yourself!

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