Sunday, 13 April 2014

YouTuber Focus #15 | Marcus Butler

Channel: MarcusButlerTV
Subscribers: 2,249,257
Views: 113,490,993
Most Popular Video: Edward Cullen & Bella Swan Deleted Sex Scene! (Bare in mind this was nearly 4 years ago!)
My Highlight: The YouTube Boyband
Brighton based Marcus started uploading videos to his YouTube channel four years ago, though he's probably hoping your going to chose to watch his more recent videos - the ones with better video quality and a little less embarrassment. Four years and two million subscribers later and Marcus is one of the most popular British YouTuber's ever and gets to call YouTube his full-time job. Marcus is a prime example that dedication and commitment pays off.
Marcus' videos range from pranks and dares, to rants and challenges to introducing us to his beauty guru alter-ego Margaret. Hair rollers and all. Marcus is also well-accustomed to a few collaborations with friends and fellow YouTubers such as Zoella, Pointless Blog's Alfie and Marcus' blogger girlfriend and new YouTube newbie Niomi.  
If weekly main channel videos weren't enough Marcus also has an almost 800,000 subscriber strong second channel, MoreMarcus, on which he uploads regular vlogs which show us the behind-the-scenes aspect of a professional YouTuber's life.
Marcus' online presence and success has provided a huge number of opportunities that just wouldn't have been possible otherwise. For example jetting off to the likes of Dubai, LA and Florida to film videos and attend YouTuber conferences such as VidCon where thousands attend meet their favourite YouTube stars. Marcus' channel is also the original home of The YouTube Boyband, a video that started as a bit of fun with fellow previously featured YouTubers Jim, Alfie and Joe in which they sang along to various songs (linked above). Since then they were given the opportunity to create their own real (tongue-in-cheek) boy band music video as part of a collaboration with Sport Relief to raise money for charity. Good job boys.
Before you go on a Marcus YouTube binge though, I must warn you, be prepared to get the little jingle from the end of his videos stuck in your head. 'It's Marcus, Marcus Butler TV!'.

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  1. I love him! Also, enjoy watching his video! x

  2. It's amazing to see how successful some of these Youtubers like Marcus have become. I enjoy watching Youtube more than TV sometimes haha.