Wednesday, 2 April 2014

What is Bloglovin?

If you've read a few of my posts (wishful thinking) you may have noticed me harp on about following SocialVix on Bloglovin'. Then it occurred to me, those of you who are new to the world of blogging may not have a clue what Bloglovin' actually is.

Gone are the days of trying to remember the url of that blog you read that one time, or scrawling through your browser favourites to find the blogs you have saved. Bloglovin' allows you to organise all your most read and favourite blogs in to one place. No more messing around, no more missing posts.

All you have to do sign in with your e-mail address and start searching for and following your fave blogs. Every time your chosen bloggers upload a new post it will appear in your Bloglovin' feed making sure you never miss out on a post.

If you're relatively new to the world of blogging and don't yet have any favourite bloggers and it all just seems a bit overwhelming, or you've read blogs for years but fancy finding something new to add to the mix then Bloglovin' can help you. You can click on the 'Popular' or 'Find Blogs' links to see which blogs other people are following and see recommendations based on your interests. You can search through categories from  fitness, to art, to travel, or like myself just lose yourself in a world of many, many beauty blogs. I love them but exactly how many reviews of that new lip balm do we need?

Bloglovin' is just as useful for bloggers as it is for readers. You can use it find similar blogs to yours, keep a track on your followers and get more involved in the community by engaging with fellow bloggers and readers.

So then, now you've found your new favourite website, and app may I add, you can follow SocialVix by clicking this link and I will of course be eternally grateful.


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