Sunday, 27 April 2014

YouTuber Focus #17 | Oli White


Channel: OliWhite
Subscribers: 381,672
Views: 12,227,591
My Highlight: WHO DO YOU FANCY?

This week it's all about young British YouTuber Oli White. Oli started his channel when he was in Year 10 at school and after a little teasing at first, 4 years later and he's the one laughing. By the age of 17 he was travelling the world making videos and could afford to make YouTube his full-time job. Jealous yet?

Oli is now 19, though I surprised when I first found out because he seems like such a natural at the YouTube game and has the charisma and attitude that seems beyond his years. Maybe it's the older brother in him. Oli regular features his 10 year old brother in his videos. Prepare for the cuteness.

I first came across Oli when I heard Louise (SprinkleofGlitter) singing his praises and it got me wondering what all the fuss was about. After browsing through a few of Oli's videos I quickly got it. He just seems like a nice, genuine boy. I realise I sound like a mother saying that, but for someone with a large following it's great to see it hasn't made him cocky or arrogant.

If your wondering what you'd typically expect from Oli's videos we're talking dares, challenges, advice, on-camera ramblings and regular collaborations with anyone from his Nan (hilarious - check out the My Highlight link above) to big name YouTubers from across the pond like Grace Helbig.

Oli has recently been welcomed in to the DailyMix family - a channel full of videos hosted by some of the most famous UK YouTubers around, a pretty high honour. He's also currently in Milan with his fellow YouTubers for Italian YouTuber convention Itatube. I'm pretty sure it won't be the last he's attending either and his channel and success will only grow from here. Maybe one day he'll be part of the one million+ subscribers channel. He deserves it.

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

YouTuber Focus #16 | Pixiwoo

Channel: Pixiwoo
Subscribers: 1,540,033
Views: 195,735,155
Most Popular Video: Drag MakeUp Tutorial

For the first time in this series this week's YouTuber focus post features two YouTubers as opposed to one, but as they are sisters who share a channel I think it's ok. Samantha and Nicola Chapman are make-up artists from Norwich who created their YouTube channel Pixiwoo in 2008 to share their make-up and hair tips and tutorials. Over 600 videos later and they are two of the most successful and popular beauty vloggers around.

The Pixiwoo sisters are best known for their celebrity inspired make-up tutorials from the Kardashians to Kate Middleton they've got it covered and even take on more challenging costume makeup such as Disney's Maleficent and X-men's Mystique. Not only that but Sam and Nic also teach you the basics that could otherwise so easily go wrong from the classic smoky eye to nailing the perfect dewy (not sweaty) skin for Summer.

Sam Chapman's online success and make-up expertise has allowed her to create and develop her own range of make-up brushes, Real Techniques (available in Boots and Superdrug). The brushes are loved and raved about by just about every beauty blogger around, not only because they are viewers and supporters of the Pixiwoo channel but because they are genuinely really good brushes at an affordable price. I've purchased a few myself after giving in to all the hype and become just a little bit obsessed.

The Pixiwoo sisters are also regulars over on the DailyMix channel which features many popular YouTubers. Both have been particularly involved in a DailyMix series known as Beauty Bootcamp in which they mentor  and guide less experienced beauty obsessives who are competing in hopes of becoming DailyMix's next big beauty vlogger and featuring in regular videos on the channel.

I think the reason for Sam and Nic's great YouTube success is that it's pretty clear that they know their stuff. There are so many young beauty bloggers trying to become the next online beauty guru (and that's great) but Sam and Nic have experience of being make-up artists in the real world, on real celebrities and models. They know the tricks of the trade and a massive 1.5 million subscribers are pretty thankful for them sharing them with us.

Just to prove how tightly knit the British YouTube community is, and it took me a while to get my head around this, the Pixiwoo sisters little brother is previously featured Jim Chapman. Jim's fiancĂ© is beauty guru Tanya Burr who was inspired by Pixiwoo to create her own channel. Tanya is besties with Zoella, who is the sister of Joe and girlfriend of Alfie. Oh and there is also a second Chapman brother, John, who has his own health and fitness channel about TheLeanMachines. Got it? Phew. That's a lot to take in.

I could probably go on forever but I'll try not to turn this in to a short essay. All that's left to say is go and check out Pixiwoo's videos if you haven't already. Start off by searching for your celebrity beauty inspiration and chances are they've already got a tutorial there waiting for you to try out for yourself!

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Sunday, 13 April 2014

YouTuber Focus #15 | Marcus Butler

Channel: MarcusButlerTV
Subscribers: 2,249,257
Views: 113,490,993
Most Popular Video: Edward Cullen & Bella Swan Deleted Sex Scene! (Bare in mind this was nearly 4 years ago!)
My Highlight: The YouTube Boyband
Brighton based Marcus started uploading videos to his YouTube channel four years ago, though he's probably hoping your going to chose to watch his more recent videos - the ones with better video quality and a little less embarrassment. Four years and two million subscribers later and Marcus is one of the most popular British YouTuber's ever and gets to call YouTube his full-time job. Marcus is a prime example that dedication and commitment pays off.
Marcus' videos range from pranks and dares, to rants and challenges to introducing us to his beauty guru alter-ego Margaret. Hair rollers and all. Marcus is also well-accustomed to a few collaborations with friends and fellow YouTubers such as Zoella, Pointless Blog's Alfie and Marcus' blogger girlfriend and new YouTube newbie Niomi.  
If weekly main channel videos weren't enough Marcus also has an almost 800,000 subscriber strong second channel, MoreMarcus, on which he uploads regular vlogs which show us the behind-the-scenes aspect of a professional YouTuber's life.
Marcus' online presence and success has provided a huge number of opportunities that just wouldn't have been possible otherwise. For example jetting off to the likes of Dubai, LA and Florida to film videos and attend YouTuber conferences such as VidCon where thousands attend meet their favourite YouTube stars. Marcus' channel is also the original home of The YouTube Boyband, a video that started as a bit of fun with fellow previously featured YouTubers Jim, Alfie and Joe in which they sang along to various songs (linked above). Since then they were given the opportunity to create their own real (tongue-in-cheek) boy band music video as part of a collaboration with Sport Relief to raise money for charity. Good job boys.
Before you go on a Marcus YouTube binge though, I must warn you, be prepared to get the little jingle from the end of his videos stuck in your head. 'It's Marcus, Marcus Butler TV!'.

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Sunday, 6 April 2014

YouTuber Focus #14 | Vivianna Does Makeup

Subscribers: 177,215
Views: 9,522,396
Most Popular Video: My Makeup Collection & Storage
As the channel name suggests this weeks YouTuber is all about the makeup. Twenty-something Anna describes herself as a makeup maven, product pusher and lacquer lover and she's certainly pretty clued up when it comes to the products you might want to think about adding to your collection, from high street to high-end.
ViviannaDoesMakeup (VDM) covers everything you'd expect from a beauty obsessed vlogger and more. Monthy favourites, skincare routines, tutorials and hauls are all there and it's perfectly ok for you to blame them on why you've spent so much money in Boots over the past few weeks. I know I do.
For the past week it has been all about the beauty hacks, 9aka the makeup and skincare tips and tricks you wish you knew 5 years ago0, on both the VDM YouTube channel and blog, from the best way to apply a setting spray to creating skincare products from ingredients you can find in your kitchen
Anna's not adverse to a few YouTube collaborations either, particularly with bestie and fellow beauty addict Lily Pebbles. But it's not all about the beauty, they've recently chatted about they're favourite memories (embarrassing moments included) of growing up in the 90's and also shared their tips and advice when it comes to blogging and vlogging in a helpful mini-series.
Anna's channel is a prime example of how YouTube can be used as an extension to an already successful beauty blog. Being a YouTube obsessive I came across VDM's videos first which then led to finding and reading her blog, but I'm sure they're are many viewers who were blog readers first and YouTube subscribers second. The beauty of having both is that you appeal to everybody's preferences and they can pick and chose how they view your content.

Anna uploads a new beauty video every week and has just started uploading weekly vlogs too so we can get to know a bit more about the life of this makeup addict and full-time beauty blogger.

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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

What is Bloglovin?

If you've read a few of my posts (wishful thinking) you may have noticed me harp on about following SocialVix on Bloglovin'. Then it occurred to me, those of you who are new to the world of blogging may not have a clue what Bloglovin' actually is.

Gone are the days of trying to remember the url of that blog you read that one time, or scrawling through your browser favourites to find the blogs you have saved. Bloglovin' allows you to organise all your most read and favourite blogs in to one place. No more messing around, no more missing posts.

All you have to do sign in with your e-mail address and start searching for and following your fave blogs. Every time your chosen bloggers upload a new post it will appear in your Bloglovin' feed making sure you never miss out on a post.

If you're relatively new to the world of blogging and don't yet have any favourite bloggers and it all just seems a bit overwhelming, or you've read blogs for years but fancy finding something new to add to the mix then Bloglovin' can help you. You can click on the 'Popular' or 'Find Blogs' links to see which blogs other people are following and see recommendations based on your interests. You can search through categories from  fitness, to art, to travel, or like myself just lose yourself in a world of many, many beauty blogs. I love them but exactly how many reviews of that new lip balm do we need?

Bloglovin' is just as useful for bloggers as it is for readers. You can use it find similar blogs to yours, keep a track on your followers and get more involved in the community by engaging with fellow bloggers and readers.

So then, now you've found your new favourite website, and app may I add, you can follow SocialVix by clicking this link and I will of course be eternally grateful.