Monday, 10 March 2014

Zoella is Company's April Cover Star!

I've made no secret of the fact that Company magazine is my favourite of all the UK monthlies. It's like they've looked at me and gone 'Yep, that's our target audience'. Get outta my head Company.

Once again Company are a step ahead of everyone else on the social media side of things by being the first fashion and beauty focused monthly to feature a YouTube star as their cover girl. And who else would they put on their cover other than the ever popular beauty enthusiast Zoella.

Back in January I featured Zoella in my YouTuber focus series and predicted that things would only get bigger and better for the Zoe in 2014. I don't want to blow my own trumpet (I do), but it looks like I was right. She's now rubbing shoulders with A-list celebs on the shelves and entering the offline world of fame and celebrity although she admits she doesn't feel like one. How many other celebs would let you see them make-up free?

Though Zoe has millions of subscribers I still feel like part of a secret club of viewers. Now that she's on the cover of mainstream magazines I fear I will have to tell everyone who mentions this apparently new girl on the scene that I already know her. It's just like when your favourite singer or band goes from relatively unknown to everyone's favourite over night...'I liked them before you!'

It couldn't be better timing for both Company and Zoella as just a couple of days before the April issue went on sale Zoella reached a frankly incomprehensible four million YouTube subscribers.
Company magazine and Zoella may be first off the mark but I'm sure it won't long until other magazines follow suit and start putting internet stars on their covers. We've had models, actresses and pop stars on our covers for years but with the changing face of social media, YouTubers and superbloggers are becoming their own genre of celebrity to add to the mix.

Company's April issue featuring a full interview with Zoella, proving just exactly why she is so popular, is available to buy and download now!

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  1. it is strange to think Zoe is a celebrity, but you're right, she really is! |