Sunday, 30 March 2014

YouTuber Focus #13 | Thatcher Joe

Channel: ThatcherJoe
Subscribers: 1,742,429
Views: 50,661,002
Most Popular Video: My Sister Does My Make Up

Compared to the majority of the Youtuber's we've focused on so far, 22 year-old Joe Sugg is relatively new, uploading his first video in the Summer of 2012. Thankfully though he managed to skip that awkward new YouTuber stage where the videos are just a little embarrassing and poorly crafted, because Joe was already surrounded by people in the know, giving him a bit of a head start.

If you haven't figured is out already Joe is the brother of YouTube star Zoella and he's openly admitted that he wouldn't have achieved the online success that he has if it wasn't for Zoe. After appearing in a few of Zoe's early videos viewers insisted he start his own channel and after Louise (SprinkleofGlitter) suggested he should call it ThatcherJoe due to his job as a roof thatcher, the rest was history.

Since starting his channel Joe has been fully embraced in to the British YouTube community and is both friends with and under the same management as previously discussed Alfie and Jim. He even became part of the 'YouTube Boyband' with them and recorded a music video to raise money for Sport Relief. Aw, those guys.

Typical ThatcherJoe videos consist mainly of challenges and tags, often as part of a collaboration with a fellow YouTuber, though occasionally a real life celebrity - check out his Shock Ball Challenge with Pixie Lott. I bet boys across the country were pretty jealous of that one. Joe is also bizarrely talented at impressions and has uploaded a few videos of those suggested by his followers. Click 'My Highlight' link above to see for yourself.

YouTube has provided Joe with many opportunities that just wouldn't have been possible otherwise, from playing Innuendo Bingo on Radio 1, to travelling to LA to interview Simon Cowell, to attending YouTuber conventions such as VidCon and Florida based PlaylistLive. Joe usually vlogs these adventures on his second channel ThatcherJoeVlogs so his viewers can get to see what the life of a YouTuber, and the brother of Zoella of course, is actually like. I'm pretty sure we wont being seeing an end to his YouTube adventures anytime soon.

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