Sunday, 23 March 2014

YouTuber Focus #12 | Lily Pebbles

Channel: LilyPebbles
Subscribers: 143,996
Views: 5,716,803
Most Popular Video: My Everyday Makeup Routine

I know what you're all thinking, and it's the same as what I thought when I first came across this weeks focused YouTuber, 'Is Pebbles her actual surname?'. Not quite but it is her real middle name, pretty cool right?

Lily Pebbles is one of the UK's ultimate YouTube beauty gurus. From hauls, to reviews and advice, to vlogs starring fellow YouTubers, Lily's videos are a beauty obsessive's dream. I'd be genuinely surprised if there was a product that Lily hadn't reviewed let alone heard of. Just take a look at her enviable Make-up collection to see just how extensive her love for all things beauty is.

Lily uploaded her first video in 2012 after developing a successful blog at uni where she studied Marketing, advertising and PR. Previously WhatIHeartToday, features a new beauty-based blog post every single day. Now that's dedication for you.

What is so great about Lily and her channel is that she's happy to communicate with her viewers and offer some advice on those who are hoping to create their own beauty blogs and YouTube channels, following in her footsteps. Lily and beauty bestie ViviannaDoesMakeUp even teamed up, as they often do, to create their own series of videos sharing their own tips and tricks from photography and equipment to how to promote your blog on social media. Just click My Highlight video link above if blogging and vlogging is something you think you might be interested in but don't know where to start.

Lily's online YouTube success is a prime example of the changing face of fashion and beauty blogging. It has now become the norm for many beauty bloggers to create their own YouTube channel to go alongside their blogs. For me this can only be a good thing, though many beauty blogs are beautifully presented  and well-written, it's videos that allow us to see the real personality behind the writing.
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