Sunday, 16 March 2014

YouTuber Focus #11 | Tyler Oakley

Channel: Tyler Oakley
Subscribers: 4,085,376
Views: 146,749,486
           HOW TO BE BRITISH (feat. Joe Sugg)
                   Times We've Pooped Our Pants (feat. Louise)

I can sense how annoyed Tyler would be that he's number 11 and not in the first 10. Sorry Tyler, I've said before there's no rhyme or reason to this ordering.

24 year-old Tyler Oakley started uploading videos to back in 2007 and has since become one of the most influential voices of YouTube. Tyler's videos are light-hearted and fun but he's not afraid to address more controversial issues either. Expect advice, vlogs, Q&A's, collaborations and confessions of fangirling. I'm totally get his whole Darren Criss obsession.

One of Tyler's most endearing qualities is his honesty, just watch the video featuring Louise (aka SprinkleofGlitter) above to see what I mean. How many people would be willing to tell 4 million strangers about that time they, ahem, 'trusted a fart' in college? Thank god he and Louise found each other.

Tyler has collaborated with just about every big-name YouTuber under the sun but the one pairing that get social media, particularly Tumblr, all of a frenzy is when he teams up with Australian YouTuber Troye Sivan. Fans eagerly 'ship' the pair, aka Troyler. In other words they really really hope they are a couple, and there's more than a few signs to suggest they are, but neither have confirmed a relationship. Search the tag 'Troyler' on tumblr, or anywhere, to see just how passionate the fans are.

I'd probably say more that most YouTuber's focused on so far, Tyler has been offered a crazy amount of opportunities as a result of his YouTube popularity. Likely not only because of his on-camera charisma but is also a great spokesperson for a young media-focused generation and the LGBT community. From interviewing stars on the red carpet to visiting the White House and meeting Obama it seems that people can't get enough of Tyler. It would be near impossible for me to list just about everything Tyler has achieved with the help of YouTube and his online success but to see just how crazy his life has been recently check out his 100 things I did in 2013 video and try to get your head around how it's all possible. I'm pretty sure 2014 will be even more jam-packed for Tyler Oakley.

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