Sunday, 9 March 2014

YouTuber Focus #10 | Grace Helbig

Channel: it'sGrace
Subscribers: 1,687,483
Views: 17,819,024
Most Popular Video: WELCOME TO IT'S GRACE

Across to one of the many American big-time YouTube personalities this week with sarcastic and quick-witted funny girl, Grace Helbig.

Just to pre-warn you, if you click on a review, tutorial or favourites video from Grace expecting a
straight-laced serious insight in to what she thinks, you're in the wrong place. There are plenty of fashion and beauty YouTubers to offer you advice. Grace is a comedian at heart and with nearly 6 years of YouTube experience 28 year-old Helbig knows what she's doing.

Back in December Grace made the decision to leave her 2 million subscriber strong channel DailyGrace and start a fresh over on it'sGrace so that she could gain more control away from network My Damn Channel. Thankfully her subscribers were loyal and followed Grace over to her new channel where they could enjoy a refreshed and happier Grace.

Grace uploads 5 videos a week, Monday to Friday, each day dedicated to a different type of video, whether it's a weekly vlog diary, reviews, commenting on her viewers comments or just a general rambling stream of consciousness. Grace also isn't opposed to a few YouTuber collaborations. Her friendship  and videos with fellow popular YouTube personalities Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart (not related) has led to their fan base referring to the trio as The Holy Trinity. That tag on Tumblr is all new sorts of bizarre.

Grace's YouTube success had allowed her and best friends Mamrie and Hannah to use their comedy and acting skills to create their very own film, Camp Takota (available on iTunes), and I'm sure it won't be the last. I want to walk around in one of the Camp Takota t-shirts and if anyone gets the reference, I know we can be friends.

In true Grace style I'm signing off with...'I don't know'.

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