Sunday, 30 March 2014

YouTuber Focus #13 | Thatcher Joe

Channel: ThatcherJoe
Subscribers: 1,742,429
Views: 50,661,002
Most Popular Video: My Sister Does My Make Up

Compared to the majority of the Youtuber's we've focused on so far, 22 year-old Joe Sugg is relatively new, uploading his first video in the Summer of 2012. Thankfully though he managed to skip that awkward new YouTuber stage where the videos are just a little embarrassing and poorly crafted, because Joe was already surrounded by people in the know, giving him a bit of a head start.

If you haven't figured is out already Joe is the brother of YouTube star Zoella and he's openly admitted that he wouldn't have achieved the online success that he has if it wasn't for Zoe. After appearing in a few of Zoe's early videos viewers insisted he start his own channel and after Louise (SprinkleofGlitter) suggested he should call it ThatcherJoe due to his job as a roof thatcher, the rest was history.

Since starting his channel Joe has been fully embraced in to the British YouTube community and is both friends with and under the same management as previously discussed Alfie and Jim. He even became part of the 'YouTube Boyband' with them and recorded a music video to raise money for Sport Relief. Aw, those guys.

Typical ThatcherJoe videos consist mainly of challenges and tags, often as part of a collaboration with a fellow YouTuber, though occasionally a real life celebrity - check out his Shock Ball Challenge with Pixie Lott. I bet boys across the country were pretty jealous of that one. Joe is also bizarrely talented at impressions and has uploaded a few videos of those suggested by his followers. Click 'My Highlight' link above to see for yourself.

YouTube has provided Joe with many opportunities that just wouldn't have been possible otherwise, from playing Innuendo Bingo on Radio 1, to travelling to LA to interview Simon Cowell, to attending YouTuber conventions such as VidCon and Florida based PlaylistLive. Joe usually vlogs these adventures on his second channel ThatcherJoeVlogs so his viewers can get to see what the life of a YouTuber, and the brother of Zoella of course, is actually like. I'm pretty sure we wont being seeing an end to his YouTube adventures anytime soon.

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Sunday, 23 March 2014

YouTuber Focus #12 | Lily Pebbles

Channel: LilyPebbles
Subscribers: 143,996
Views: 5,716,803
Most Popular Video: My Everyday Makeup Routine

I know what you're all thinking, and it's the same as what I thought when I first came across this weeks focused YouTuber, 'Is Pebbles her actual surname?'. Not quite but it is her real middle name, pretty cool right?

Lily Pebbles is one of the UK's ultimate YouTube beauty gurus. From hauls, to reviews and advice, to vlogs starring fellow YouTubers, Lily's videos are a beauty obsessive's dream. I'd be genuinely surprised if there was a product that Lily hadn't reviewed let alone heard of. Just take a look at her enviable Make-up collection to see just how extensive her love for all things beauty is.

Lily uploaded her first video in 2012 after developing a successful blog at uni where she studied Marketing, advertising and PR. Previously WhatIHeartToday, features a new beauty-based blog post every single day. Now that's dedication for you.

What is so great about Lily and her channel is that she's happy to communicate with her viewers and offer some advice on those who are hoping to create their own beauty blogs and YouTube channels, following in her footsteps. Lily and beauty bestie ViviannaDoesMakeUp even teamed up, as they often do, to create their own series of videos sharing their own tips and tricks from photography and equipment to how to promote your blog on social media. Just click My Highlight video link above if blogging and vlogging is something you think you might be interested in but don't know where to start.

Lily's online YouTube success is a prime example of the changing face of fashion and beauty blogging. It has now become the norm for many beauty bloggers to create their own YouTube channel to go alongside their blogs. For me this can only be a good thing, though many beauty blogs are beautifully presented  and well-written, it's videos that allow us to see the real personality behind the writing.
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Sunday, 16 March 2014

YouTuber Focus #11 | Tyler Oakley

Channel: Tyler Oakley
Subscribers: 4,085,376
Views: 146,749,486
           HOW TO BE BRITISH (feat. Joe Sugg)
                   Times We've Pooped Our Pants (feat. Louise)

I can sense how annoyed Tyler would be that he's number 11 and not in the first 10. Sorry Tyler, I've said before there's no rhyme or reason to this ordering.

24 year-old Tyler Oakley started uploading videos to back in 2007 and has since become one of the most influential voices of YouTube. Tyler's videos are light-hearted and fun but he's not afraid to address more controversial issues either. Expect advice, vlogs, Q&A's, collaborations and confessions of fangirling. I'm totally get his whole Darren Criss obsession.

One of Tyler's most endearing qualities is his honesty, just watch the video featuring Louise (aka SprinkleofGlitter) above to see what I mean. How many people would be willing to tell 4 million strangers about that time they, ahem, 'trusted a fart' in college? Thank god he and Louise found each other.

Tyler has collaborated with just about every big-name YouTuber under the sun but the one pairing that get social media, particularly Tumblr, all of a frenzy is when he teams up with Australian YouTuber Troye Sivan. Fans eagerly 'ship' the pair, aka Troyler. In other words they really really hope they are a couple, and there's more than a few signs to suggest they are, but neither have confirmed a relationship. Search the tag 'Troyler' on tumblr, or anywhere, to see just how passionate the fans are.

I'd probably say more that most YouTuber's focused on so far, Tyler has been offered a crazy amount of opportunities as a result of his YouTube popularity. Likely not only because of his on-camera charisma but is also a great spokesperson for a young media-focused generation and the LGBT community. From interviewing stars on the red carpet to visiting the White House and meeting Obama it seems that people can't get enough of Tyler. It would be near impossible for me to list just about everything Tyler has achieved with the help of YouTube and his online success but to see just how crazy his life has been recently check out his 100 things I did in 2013 video and try to get your head around how it's all possible. I'm pretty sure 2014 will be even more jam-packed for Tyler Oakley.

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Monday, 10 March 2014

Zoella is Company's April Cover Star!

I've made no secret of the fact that Company magazine is my favourite of all the UK monthlies. It's like they've looked at me and gone 'Yep, that's our target audience'. Get outta my head Company.

Once again Company are a step ahead of everyone else on the social media side of things by being the first fashion and beauty focused monthly to feature a YouTube star as their cover girl. And who else would they put on their cover other than the ever popular beauty enthusiast Zoella.

Back in January I featured Zoella in my YouTuber focus series and predicted that things would only get bigger and better for the Zoe in 2014. I don't want to blow my own trumpet (I do), but it looks like I was right. She's now rubbing shoulders with A-list celebs on the shelves and entering the offline world of fame and celebrity although she admits she doesn't feel like one. How many other celebs would let you see them make-up free?

Though Zoe has millions of subscribers I still feel like part of a secret club of viewers. Now that she's on the cover of mainstream magazines I fear I will have to tell everyone who mentions this apparently new girl on the scene that I already know her. It's just like when your favourite singer or band goes from relatively unknown to everyone's favourite over night...'I liked them before you!'

It couldn't be better timing for both Company and Zoella as just a couple of days before the April issue went on sale Zoella reached a frankly incomprehensible four million YouTube subscribers.
Company magazine and Zoella may be first off the mark but I'm sure it won't long until other magazines follow suit and start putting internet stars on their covers. We've had models, actresses and pop stars on our covers for years but with the changing face of social media, YouTubers and superbloggers are becoming their own genre of celebrity to add to the mix.

Company's April issue featuring a full interview with Zoella, proving just exactly why she is so popular, is available to buy and download now!

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Sunday, 9 March 2014

YouTuber Focus #10 | Grace Helbig

Channel: it'sGrace
Subscribers: 1,687,483
Views: 17,819,024
Most Popular Video: WELCOME TO IT'S GRACE

Across to one of the many American big-time YouTube personalities this week with sarcastic and quick-witted funny girl, Grace Helbig.

Just to pre-warn you, if you click on a review, tutorial or favourites video from Grace expecting a
straight-laced serious insight in to what she thinks, you're in the wrong place. There are plenty of fashion and beauty YouTubers to offer you advice. Grace is a comedian at heart and with nearly 6 years of YouTube experience 28 year-old Helbig knows what she's doing.

Back in December Grace made the decision to leave her 2 million subscriber strong channel DailyGrace and start a fresh over on it'sGrace so that she could gain more control away from network My Damn Channel. Thankfully her subscribers were loyal and followed Grace over to her new channel where they could enjoy a refreshed and happier Grace.

Grace uploads 5 videos a week, Monday to Friday, each day dedicated to a different type of video, whether it's a weekly vlog diary, reviews, commenting on her viewers comments or just a general rambling stream of consciousness. Grace also isn't opposed to a few YouTuber collaborations. Her friendship  and videos with fellow popular YouTube personalities Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart (not related) has led to their fan base referring to the trio as The Holy Trinity. That tag on Tumblr is all new sorts of bizarre.

Grace's YouTube success had allowed her and best friends Mamrie and Hannah to use their comedy and acting skills to create their very own film, Camp Takota (available on iTunes), and I'm sure it won't be the last. I want to walk around in one of the Camp Takota t-shirts and if anyone gets the reference, I know we can be friends.

In true Grace style I'm signing off with...'I don't know'.

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Sunday, 2 March 2014

YouTuber Focus #9 | EssieButton


Channel: EssieButton
Subscribers: 443,925
Views: 17,972,195
Most Popular Video: The Boyfriend Tag!
My Highlight: #ASKESSIE #1
We're focusing on another beauty blogger turned vlogger this week, can you sense a theme to my favourite YouTubers yet? And this time it's all about Canadian Londoner and lipstick obsessive EssieButton, aka Estée.
22 year-old Estée made the move from Ontario, Canada to London around four years ago to spend time with boyfriend Aslan, who she met online but lived in England. In the meantime she has built her online profile to become one of the most well-known, honorary British, beauty vloggers.  
Both Estée's personal and on-camera style is natural, honest and laid-back. Though she, as expected, has a vast array of beauty products, (why buy just one lipstick shade when you can the whole collection right?), it's refreshing that she doesn't find the need to wear all the products at once.
As self-confessed rambler expect to waste your days away learning all about Estée's monthly favourites, skincare and make-up routines. Actually I take that back, that's not a day wasted at all.. She's also partial to a drugstore haul or two, and who isn't? If someone, anyone, has gone to Boots, I want to know exactly what they bought, what colour and why. Beauty-blogger obsession problems.
 With her new #ASKESSIE videos where she answers followers twitter questions hopefully we will get to know the beauty vlogger a little better, but if you want to know what her day-to-day life is like
Estée also has a vlog channel at essiebuttonvlogs where she takes us on her adventures from car-boot sales to breaks in Rome to the Brit Awards.
If you're more of a blogging fan than YouTube fan you can read Estée's reviews, favourites and general musings at
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