Sunday, 23 February 2014

YouTuber Focus #8 | PointlessBlog

Channel: PointlessBlog
Subscribers: 1,906,425
Views: 77,570,358
Popular video: Zoella Does My Make-Up
My highlight: The Headband Challenge
"Wassup Guys"

This week is all about British YouTuber PointlessBlog aka Alfie Deyes. Alfie started his channel when he was still at school (he's now 20) filming and uploading videos in secret. And now with almost 2 million followers under his belt I'm sure he's glad he started telling people about it. A few years later and he's a pretty big deal on the UK YouTuber scene. 

You know you are probably watching too many of a vloggers videos when you can identify their voice on a radio news item which hasn't even referenced them or the original video. Is that sad? Ah well. 

Alfie's videos cover all the classics you'd expect from a male UK YouTuber, from Tag videos, dares, challenges and collaborations to general ramblings and musings. Not only that but he uploads blogs to second channel (PointlessBlogTV) on which you can watch what he and fellow full-time vloggers get up to when then go on their exciting adventures whether it's to Dubai with channel DaillyMix, to LA for Vidcon or simply around London or hometown Brighton. 

Alfie also has a third channel, a gaming channel (alfiegames), on which he road tests new games like Flappy Bird and old games alike. It's weirdly fascinating watching someone else play The Sims. No matter who it is, they are always doing it the wrong way compared to you.  

If that's not enough to intrigue you, Alfie is the boyfriend of ultimate UK YouTube star Zoella. After much questioning and 'shipping' from fans Alfie and Zoe announced that they were in fact a couple last year, followed by the internet fan community exclaiming 'OMG #ZALFIE is real! I can't even!' etc, etc. They are cute though, I ship them. 
Click the links above to see for yourself what all the PointlessBlog fuss is about :) 
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