Sunday, 16 February 2014

YouTuber Focus #7 | Fleur De Force


Channel: Fleur De Force
Subscribers: 997,460
Views: 72,660,97

After Beautycrush's Sammi I'm pretty sure Fleur is the second beauty vlogger that I started watching on a regular basis, and I'm pretty sure she is to blame for the reason I need to read, or watch, a full review of a beauty product before I can justify buying it for myself. Give me all the swatches.

Fleur started her channel over 4 years ago, describing herself as a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and vlogger. Personally I think it is the world of beauty in which Fleur de Force excels. I'm still not entirely sure where the 'de Force' namesake came from, anyone? She pretty much seems to know everything there is to know about make-up, haircare and skincare. It would be pretty tricky to find a product she hasn't reviewed or talked about in a video. Fleur uses a mix of high-end and drugstore products and is equally as knowledgeable about both so there is pretty much something for all the beauty obsessives out there.

Fleur is accustomed to all the YouTube beauty guru norms. Think Monthly Favourties, Get Ready With Me videos, Hauls, Gift Guides and Best & Worst product reviews. When you know someone has been doing this as their full-time job for so long, gets thousands of views per video and always has a flawless face it's pretty much guaranteed that you can trust their opinion.

If a whole host of beauty videos isn't enough to get you going, Fleur has another two YouTube channels that may interest you. FleurDeVlog is, quite self explanatory, Fleur's vlog channel where she uploads her behind the scenes extras so you get a sneak-peak in to the life of a full-time beauty guru and a properly English, little bit posh, newlywed. Speaking of being a newlywed Fleur also works on third channel BrideDeForce with sister Hannah in which they discuss all things weddings, including Q&A's, DIY tutorials and wedding make-up ideas. After watching her short wedding day video, it's no wonder thousands of viewers are after Fleur's tips for the big day, it all seemed pretty much perfect.

Like many of the YouTubers in this series,  Fleur's success has provided a host of amazing opportunities that simply wouldn't have been feasible without her online presence. From interviewing her idol Taylor Swift, working with brands such as Nivea and even having the chance present from the Brit Awards Red Carpet for their official YT channel on Wednesday. Pretty cool right?  I'm sure it one be long until Fleur joins the 1 million subscribers club too.

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