Sunday, 2 February 2014

YouTuber Focus #5 | Sprinkle of Glitter

Subscribers: 1,142,553
Views: 39,592,983
Most Popular Video: You Asked Baby Glitter
My Highlight: The Husband Tag!

Aloha Sprinklerinos! If you have any idea what I'm referring to then well done, you win. It is of cause the catchphrase and video greeting of today's focus Louise, aka Sprinkle of Glitter. I made a little list of YouTubers I wanted to talk about in this series and when I saw that Louise was next on my list I let out what she would only describe herself as a 'squee'.

Beauty and lifestyle vlogger Louise is the mum of British YouTubers. It's no coincidence, she is an actual mum to quite frankly the cutest toddler, Darcy, aka Baby Glitter. Though I'm sure she would have achieved success alone, Louise''s friendship with chummy Zoella is no doubt a factor to why Louise's channel has become so popular. With over 1 million subscribers, viewers have fallen in love with Louise's infectious personality, moments of hyperactivity and hilarious quips. Sidenote: why does the word quip sound like it should mean something rude?

Louise is refreshingly honest, she doesn't mind showing us her no-make up face, sharing her troubles, or even telling us about that awkward time she, ahem, 'pooped herself'.

Louise's online life doesn't stop at YouTube. I love reading her blog for her Motivational Monday post's that give a you a little kick start if the thought of the week ahead leaves you with an overwhelming sense of 'meh'. Likewise if you need a bit of fitness motivation you can follow Louise's attempt to get fitter with the hashtag #Glittergetsfitter on Instagram.

Like many of her British YouTube pals, her online presence has allowed her travel to LA for the annual VidCon event, collaborate with various YouTubers from across the globe, feature in magazines such as teen hit Shout and develop a huge online fanbase with Tumblr and Instagram pages dedicated to herself and fellow much-loved YouTubers.

Since writing these YouTuber Focus posts I've learnt that it's quite tricky to convey someone's personality and why they are so popular  within a few words so the best way is to see for yourself  and have a look at some of their videos by clicking the links above.

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  1. I'm sold! Heading over to the Youtube channel now! Thanks!
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