Sunday, 23 February 2014

YouTuber Focus #8 | PointlessBlog

Channel: PointlessBlog
Subscribers: 1,906,425
Views: 77,570,358
Popular video: Zoella Does My Make-Up
My highlight: The Headband Challenge
"Wassup Guys"

This week is all about British YouTuber PointlessBlog aka Alfie Deyes. Alfie started his channel when he was still at school (he's now 20) filming and uploading videos in secret. And now with almost 2 million followers under his belt I'm sure he's glad he started telling people about it. A few years later and he's a pretty big deal on the UK YouTuber scene. 

You know you are probably watching too many of a vloggers videos when you can identify their voice on a radio news item which hasn't even referenced them or the original video. Is that sad? Ah well. 

Alfie's videos cover all the classics you'd expect from a male UK YouTuber, from Tag videos, dares, challenges and collaborations to general ramblings and musings. Not only that but he uploads blogs to second channel (PointlessBlogTV) on which you can watch what he and fellow full-time vloggers get up to when then go on their exciting adventures whether it's to Dubai with channel DaillyMix, to LA for Vidcon or simply around London or hometown Brighton. 

Alfie also has a third channel, a gaming channel (alfiegames), on which he road tests new games like Flappy Bird and old games alike. It's weirdly fascinating watching someone else play The Sims. No matter who it is, they are always doing it the wrong way compared to you.  

If that's not enough to intrigue you, Alfie is the boyfriend of ultimate UK YouTube star Zoella. After much questioning and 'shipping' from fans Alfie and Zoe announced that they were in fact a couple last year, followed by the internet fan community exclaiming 'OMG #ZALFIE is real! I can't even!' etc, etc. They are cute though, I ship them. 
Click the links above to see for yourself what all the PointlessBlog fuss is about :) 
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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

#LFW - Social Media Highlights

With the hashtag #LFW all over just about every social media platform for the past week you don't even need to feel that depressed that, once again, your invite seemed to get misplaced in the post. As each fashion week comes and goes it simply refuses to pass us by without a social media frenzy. From supermodel selfies to a sneak-peak at invites and goody bags, our favourite fashion designers, magazines, models and bloggers have just about got it all covered. I've rounded up a few of the social media highlights that created the biggest buzz during the London Fashion Week A/W'14 shows:

If you were busy refreshing your social media during your lazy Sunday there was pretty much no escaping a live updates from Topshop Unique's LFW show.  Not only was Twitter and Instagram rife with updates every minute but you could stream the show live from the Topshop website, and I think you still can, not live obviously. Also Topshop Oxford Circus created their own virtual front row experience with a 360 degree headset giving it's shoppers and fashion fanatics their own chance to experience sitting amongst Philip Green and Kate Moss for the show. It's not all about the clothes though it's just as interesting to see the Topshop food that the fashion elite were munching on and the goody bag totes that every guest received.

I'm not usually one for keeping up with the Kardashian-clan's latest whereabouts but it was pretty hard to escape the news that Kendall Jenner was making both her runway and FROW debut at LFW this year. Cue just about every pop culture news source with  Harry & Kendall dating rumours. After walking for Marc Jacobs in New York, bleached brows and all, Kendall caused a twitter and instagram storm after turning up, followed by a fleet of paparazzi, to sit front row alongside the likes of Kate Moss and Anna Wintour at the formentioned Topshop Unique show. After rubbing shoulders with Vogue editor-in-chief it looks like Kendall might be the first in the family to get that lusted after cover shot. Sorry Kim.

If there's one way to get your LFW show some social media attention then it's getting a star-studded front row. If you could tear your eyes away from the classic Macdonald sequins and sparkles you were likely to spot a few social media favourites on the front row guaranteed to get people talking. Ok so bar Coco Rocha they weren't exactly the high fashion elite, but get Abbey Clancy, Millie Mackintosh and Nina Nesbitt to turn up in Julien Macdonald gowns and you've pretty much got a guaranteed social media frenzy.

One fashion house guaranteed to make the headlines due to it's celebrity front row and rising star models, it's Burberry. You know that anywhere Harry Styles goes the papparaazi  will follow and his expected arrival at the Burberry show on Monday did not go unnoticed on social media either. Yet again followed by claims of how unbearably awkward it was for him watch 'ex' Cara walk the runway. Not convinced, but nice try by all the journalists trying to make stories from that connection. Not only did we all get a glimpse at Harry but pretty big deal Bradley Cooper also showed up fresh from the BAFTA's to support model girlfriend Suki Waterhouse and seemingly share a few jokes with Anna Wintour. If you're boyfriend can make Anna laugh, you're pretty much on to a winner right?

You can barely move on Instagram during fashion week for videos of models walking the runway for a show finale but catwalk and social media queen Cara Delevingne turned things on its head by recording her own video live from the catwalk as she walked for Giles Deacon. Selfies on the catwalk? It really is the future.

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Sunday, 16 February 2014

YouTuber Focus #7 | Fleur De Force


Channel: Fleur De Force
Subscribers: 997,460
Views: 72,660,97

After Beautycrush's Sammi I'm pretty sure Fleur is the second beauty vlogger that I started watching on a regular basis, and I'm pretty sure she is to blame for the reason I need to read, or watch, a full review of a beauty product before I can justify buying it for myself. Give me all the swatches.

Fleur started her channel over 4 years ago, describing herself as a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and vlogger. Personally I think it is the world of beauty in which Fleur de Force excels. I'm still not entirely sure where the 'de Force' namesake came from, anyone? She pretty much seems to know everything there is to know about make-up, haircare and skincare. It would be pretty tricky to find a product she hasn't reviewed or talked about in a video. Fleur uses a mix of high-end and drugstore products and is equally as knowledgeable about both so there is pretty much something for all the beauty obsessives out there.

Fleur is accustomed to all the YouTube beauty guru norms. Think Monthly Favourties, Get Ready With Me videos, Hauls, Gift Guides and Best & Worst product reviews. When you know someone has been doing this as their full-time job for so long, gets thousands of views per video and always has a flawless face it's pretty much guaranteed that you can trust their opinion.

If a whole host of beauty videos isn't enough to get you going, Fleur has another two YouTube channels that may interest you. FleurDeVlog is, quite self explanatory, Fleur's vlog channel where she uploads her behind the scenes extras so you get a sneak-peak in to the life of a full-time beauty guru and a properly English, little bit posh, newlywed. Speaking of being a newlywed Fleur also works on third channel BrideDeForce with sister Hannah in which they discuss all things weddings, including Q&A's, DIY tutorials and wedding make-up ideas. After watching her short wedding day video, it's no wonder thousands of viewers are after Fleur's tips for the big day, it all seemed pretty much perfect.

Like many of the YouTubers in this series,  Fleur's success has provided a host of amazing opportunities that simply wouldn't have been feasible without her online presence. From interviewing her idol Taylor Swift, working with brands such as Nivea and even having the chance present from the Brit Awards Red Carpet for their official YT channel on Wednesday. Pretty cool right?  I'm sure it one be long until Fleur joins the 1 million subscribers club too.

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Sunday, 9 February 2014

YouTuber Focus #6 | The Shaytards

Ooo look! It's our first post focusing on vloggers from across the pond. And there's a whole lot of them to get to grips with.


Subscribers: 1,878,263
Views: 780,258,533
Most Popular Video: A BABY IS BORN!


Imagine having every day of the last five years recorded on camera to watch back whenever you liked. Well that's exactly what  Shay and his family decided to do, and thankfully for us, he uploaded the daily vlogs to YouTube for us all to see. Ok, I get it, on the surface this seems a little odd. Watching a family of seven live out their day-to-day life doesn't sound like the most exciting thing in the world. It's like the whole Big Brother debate, why would you want to watch ordinary people just living their lives when you could be doing something else with yours? Well let's just say the 'shaytards' aren't exactly what you would call an ordinary family. When they made the move to start daily vlogging wife and mother Colette asked their current internet audience 'Are you ready? Because this might get boring'. Needless to say, two births, a move to LA and several million views later, it did not.


At the head of the family is hyperactive and self-confessed obnoxious Shay, in other words the loud guy with the beard, and 'hotter than expected' ultimate supermum, or 'mom', Colette. Seriously, I don't know she does it. 10 year-old Sontard is the eldest of the five children, followed by Princesstard, Babytard, Rocktard and new addition Brotard, not ignoring great dane puppy, Zeke.

If you're wondering what all the bizarre 'tard' names our about, the nicknames were originally used to protects the children's privacy. After a couple of slip-ups over the years though the names are generally well known. I'm not going to spoil the surprise for you though.

It's crazy to think that so far both Rocktard and Brotards whole lives have been recorded and viewed by thousands worldwide. Every day of their WHOLE lives. Madness. That's beside the fact they'll actually be able to watch themselves being born, minus all the gory details of course. They were internet stars before they had even left the hospital.

Oh and if that's not enough people for you to get to grips with at once there is grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and a whole heap of friends to get your head around.
The success of the daily vlogs has allowed Shay to make YouTube his full-time job, fund the families move from Idaho to LA, and led to the creation of video production company Maker Studios. Oh and if five years of vlogs isn't enough to keep you busy, it doesn't all stop at the Shaytards channel, with plenty of other channels from family members to keep you busy and the ShayLoss channel where you can join Shay's mission to shed the extra pounds. If you want to know what the fuss is about just google 'Shay Carl before and after'. I know, right?

So if big families, adorable moments, and positive attitudes are your thing, you won't be disappointed. Hopefully that's enough background info to get you started and you can click on the links above for some Shaytards highlights. If the vlog of Brotard's birth doesn't bring a tear to your eye then quite frankly there is something wrong with you. I'm not sure we can be friends.
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Sunday, 2 February 2014

YouTuber Focus #5 | Sprinkle of Glitter

Subscribers: 1,142,553
Views: 39,592,983
Most Popular Video: You Asked Baby Glitter
My Highlight: The Husband Tag!

Aloha Sprinklerinos! If you have any idea what I'm referring to then well done, you win. It is of cause the catchphrase and video greeting of today's focus Louise, aka Sprinkle of Glitter. I made a little list of YouTubers I wanted to talk about in this series and when I saw that Louise was next on my list I let out what she would only describe herself as a 'squee'.

Beauty and lifestyle vlogger Louise is the mum of British YouTubers. It's no coincidence, she is an actual mum to quite frankly the cutest toddler, Darcy, aka Baby Glitter. Though I'm sure she would have achieved success alone, Louise''s friendship with chummy Zoella is no doubt a factor to why Louise's channel has become so popular. With over 1 million subscribers, viewers have fallen in love with Louise's infectious personality, moments of hyperactivity and hilarious quips. Sidenote: why does the word quip sound like it should mean something rude?

Louise is refreshingly honest, she doesn't mind showing us her no-make up face, sharing her troubles, or even telling us about that awkward time she, ahem, 'pooped herself'.

Louise's online life doesn't stop at YouTube. I love reading her blog for her Motivational Monday post's that give a you a little kick start if the thought of the week ahead leaves you with an overwhelming sense of 'meh'. Likewise if you need a bit of fitness motivation you can follow Louise's attempt to get fitter with the hashtag #Glittergetsfitter on Instagram.

Like many of her British YouTube pals, her online presence has allowed her travel to LA for the annual VidCon event, collaborate with various YouTubers from across the globe, feature in magazines such as teen hit Shout and develop a huge online fanbase with Tumblr and Instagram pages dedicated to herself and fellow much-loved YouTubers.

Since writing these YouTuber Focus posts I've learnt that it's quite tricky to convey someone's personality and why they are so popular  within a few words so the best way is to see for yourself  and have a look at some of their videos by clicking the links above.

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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Tanya Burr's Lips & Nails Launches!

You may have seen the hashtag #TanyaBurrsLipsandNails across Twitter and Instagram over the past few weeks and on Thursday night the make-up artist and beauty vlogger finally launched the collection that her 1million+ viewers have been waiting for.

Images courtesy of
Coinciding with the London launch party full of press, bloggers, YouTubers and friends alike, the lip and nail products are now available (with free delivery, yay!) on FeelUnique and are due to be launched in store later this year . The line, that is part of a collaboration with eye CANDY, consists of 12 lip glosses in natural crème and shimmer finishes and 10 long-lasting nail varnishes in classic and seasonal colours.

I think I'm going to wait until the products are launched in stores until I choose some for myself, or at least until I've read some beauty blogger reviews (all good I'm sure) just to see some of the colour swatches in more detail. So far the 'Little Duck' mint nail varnish and 'Afternoon Tea' creamy lip gloss look like winners for me.

Following in the footsteps of future sister-in-law Sam Chapman who is the name behind the hugely successful Real Techniques brushes, Tanya Burr's collection is yet further proof to how much of an impact an online following can have in the beauty world. With over a million subscribers and fans, an array of well-known blogger friends happy to promote the products and magazines showing a keen interest in the rising star there is no doubt that the collection will receive huge attention and ultimately be a success. How many other young make-up artists would have the opportunity to launch their own line of products this early on in their career?

If you want to browse the collection and get your hands of Tanya's nail polishes or lip glosses visit FeelUnique and if you want to know more about Tanya and her rise to online stardom then take a look at the YouTuber Focus post on SocialVix from a couple of weeks ago here.