Sunday, 19 January 2014

YouTuber Focus #3 | Jim Chapman

Channel: Jim Chapman
Subscribers: 1,220,474
Views: 45,584,812
Most Watched Video: A guy's advice for girls

It seemed only natural after last week's Tanya Burr post that we followed it up with a focus on fiancé and fellow member of the 1 million subscribers club, Jim Chapman. If you are a YouTube newbie you'll soon discover that the YouTuber community is all very interconnected. Jim's fiancé, older sisters (make up artists Sam & Nic at Pixiwoo)  and twin brother all have successful YouTube careers as well as many of his best friends who he has met through YouTube.

Jim began creating YouTube videos post-university after appearing in an Edward Cullen make-up tutorial with Tanya and deciding it would be a good idea to start videos of his own to give him some direction since he was uncertain of his career path. Thankfully due to his channel's success, that's not so much of a problem anymore.

If you're wondering what type of videos to expect of Jim, think challenges. Lots of them, whether it's with fellow YouTubers, his mum or his niece. One thing is sure, Jim isn't worried about embarrising himself online (cue that Single Ladies routine). Not only that but Jim is also happy to give his teen subscribers some advice, whether it be in relation to puberty, relationships or awkard conversations. All taken lightly of course.

Jim also uploads vlogs to his channel providing an insight in what it's like to get the chance to travel as a professional YouTuber to the likes of Dubai, LA and Florida, greeting hundreds of fans at VidCon and PlaylistLive, as well as getting to see what his everyday life is like in hometown Norwich thanks to his annual vlogmas videos.

Jim's natural on-camera charisma makes him ideal presenter material. We already know from vlogs that Jim has auditioned for TV roles (fingers crossed), and was recently given the opportunity to film a mini talk-show series in LA for US fashion channel StyleHaul called 'The Crew' with friends and fellow YouTubers Alfie, Marcus and Caspar.

Jim is like that slightly clumsy yet lovable big brother you never had and hopefully we'll be seeing more of him (not in that way), both online and in the mainstream media soon. I'm sure his many subscribers, or his best friends as he affectionately greets them, will be glad of it.

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