Sunday, 12 January 2014

YouTuber Focus #2 | Tanya Burr

Channel: Tanya Burr
Subscribers: 1,714,982
Views: 92,428,273
Most Watched Video: Updated What's In My Bag!

If you also have a bordering on unhealthy obsession with all things beauty then the chances are you've already heard of Tanya Burr. She has collaborated with Sky Living's The Face, is invited to sit front row at the catwalk's of London Fashion Week and walk the red carpet at various film premieres, features her photo diaries on and even has her own make-up line launching later this month.
Where did it all start you ask? YouTube of course.

Make-up artist Tanya uploaded her first video to YouTube back in 2009 after her now sister-in-law's saw their beauty channel (Pixiwoo) achieving big success and convinced her to try it out for herself, and aren't we all glad she did.

Tanya is renowned for her celebrity inspired make-up tutorials that aim to emulate the looks of Lana Del Rey, Kim Kardashian and Mila Kunis to name but a few. But now Tanya's channel has expanded to feature all the beauty vlogger norms like Monthly Favourite, Make-Up Collection and Get Ready With Me videos. That's not all though, Tanya wouldn't be as successful as she is from posting a few make-up based videos here and there, its her upbeat and positive personality that keeps the viewers coming back. Due to her strong frienships with other YouTuber's Tanya's channel also features many collaboration videos with the likes of last week's focus Zoella, plus we often get an insight in to the coupley cuteness between her and fiancé, fellow YouTuber Jim (we'll get on to the greatness that is Jim another time).

Tanya is also a regular out and about vlogger, (her vlogmas this year was one of my fave's), so we get to see what she gets up to on a regular basis, not in a stalker way, she just knows that people like me are nosy and are intrigued to know what the life of a full-time beauty guru is like. To be honest, life seems pretty good.

So if you want to copy the make-up looks of various celebs, want product recommendations from a girl in the know or you just want to take a peak in to the life of a professional beauty guru then Tanya Burr's is the channel for you. Tanya looks set for bigger and better things in 2014 and thanks to her channel we'll be invited along for the ride!

Tanya Burr's Lips and Nails Collection will be available from January 30th at FeelUnique

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