Monday, 27 January 2014

YouTube Focus #4 | Beautycrush

Channel: Beautycrush
Subscribers: 1,105,792
Views: 75,290,079
Most Popular Video: My Tattoos & Piercings
My Highlight: Winter Lookbook

I would like to take this opportunity to fully blame Beautycrush's Sammi for my obsessive YouTube disorder. I just found myself on YouTube one day when my housemate walked in and asked me what I was watching. Then I realised I had just spent the last 10 minutes listening to a girl I didn't know talk about all the things she has bought recently. Was this normal? I was too nosy to care. And that's where my fascination with beauty vloggers began.

Sammi is a fashion styling graduate from London who has an eye for all things beautiful, hence the name Beautycrush, and is basically one of those girls you see on the high street and wish you were as cool as. Thanks to her YouTube videos we don't have to sit scrolling through the online pages of our favourite stores figuring out how to get the look, she sits down in front of a camera and tells her subscribers how she does it, all 1 million of us.


Sammi's videos cover a mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle bits and bobs. After 4 years of uploading to YouTube she's pretty much got it sussed. All the fashion and beauty bases are covered, Get Ready With Me style videos, Tutorials, Monthly Favourites, Hauls and Lookbooks are regular occurrences but also look out for Health & Fitness, Q&A's, Recipies and vlogs on her vlog channel TheSammiMariaShow.

A seemingly effortless personal style and infectious personality has allowed Sammi to make fashion and beauty vlogging and blogging her full-time career and has given her the opportunity to work as a stylist with the likes of Boohoo. Maybe YouTube really is the way forward for stylista's in the making.

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

YouTuber Focus #3 | Jim Chapman

Channel: Jim Chapman
Subscribers: 1,220,474
Views: 45,584,812
Most Watched Video: A guy's advice for girls

It seemed only natural after last week's Tanya Burr post that we followed it up with a focus on fiancé and fellow member of the 1 million subscribers club, Jim Chapman. If you are a YouTube newbie you'll soon discover that the YouTuber community is all very interconnected. Jim's fiancé, older sisters (make up artists Sam & Nic at Pixiwoo)  and twin brother all have successful YouTube careers as well as many of his best friends who he has met through YouTube.

Jim began creating YouTube videos post-university after appearing in an Edward Cullen make-up tutorial with Tanya and deciding it would be a good idea to start videos of his own to give him some direction since he was uncertain of his career path. Thankfully due to his channel's success, that's not so much of a problem anymore.

If you're wondering what type of videos to expect of Jim, think challenges. Lots of them, whether it's with fellow YouTubers, his mum or his niece. One thing is sure, Jim isn't worried about embarrising himself online (cue that Single Ladies routine). Not only that but Jim is also happy to give his teen subscribers some advice, whether it be in relation to puberty, relationships or awkard conversations. All taken lightly of course.

Jim also uploads vlogs to his channel providing an insight in what it's like to get the chance to travel as a professional YouTuber to the likes of Dubai, LA and Florida, greeting hundreds of fans at VidCon and PlaylistLive, as well as getting to see what his everyday life is like in hometown Norwich thanks to his annual vlogmas videos.

Jim's natural on-camera charisma makes him ideal presenter material. We already know from vlogs that Jim has auditioned for TV roles (fingers crossed), and was recently given the opportunity to film a mini talk-show series in LA for US fashion channel StyleHaul called 'The Crew' with friends and fellow YouTubers Alfie, Marcus and Caspar.

Jim is like that slightly clumsy yet lovable big brother you never had and hopefully we'll be seeing more of him (not in that way), both online and in the mainstream media soon. I'm sure his many subscribers, or his best friends as he affectionately greets them, will be glad of it.

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Sunday, 12 January 2014

YouTuber Focus #2 | Tanya Burr

Channel: Tanya Burr
Subscribers: 1,714,982
Views: 92,428,273
Most Watched Video: Updated What's In My Bag!

If you also have a bordering on unhealthy obsession with all things beauty then the chances are you've already heard of Tanya Burr. She has collaborated with Sky Living's The Face, is invited to sit front row at the catwalk's of London Fashion Week and walk the red carpet at various film premieres, features her photo diaries on and even has her own make-up line launching later this month.
Where did it all start you ask? YouTube of course.

Make-up artist Tanya uploaded her first video to YouTube back in 2009 after her now sister-in-law's saw their beauty channel (Pixiwoo) achieving big success and convinced her to try it out for herself, and aren't we all glad she did.

Tanya is renowned for her celebrity inspired make-up tutorials that aim to emulate the looks of Lana Del Rey, Kim Kardashian and Mila Kunis to name but a few. But now Tanya's channel has expanded to feature all the beauty vlogger norms like Monthly Favourite, Make-Up Collection and Get Ready With Me videos. That's not all though, Tanya wouldn't be as successful as she is from posting a few make-up based videos here and there, its her upbeat and positive personality that keeps the viewers coming back. Due to her strong frienships with other YouTuber's Tanya's channel also features many collaboration videos with the likes of last week's focus Zoella, plus we often get an insight in to the coupley cuteness between her and fiancé, fellow YouTuber Jim (we'll get on to the greatness that is Jim another time).

Tanya is also a regular out and about vlogger, (her vlogmas this year was one of my fave's), so we get to see what she gets up to on a regular basis, not in a stalker way, she just knows that people like me are nosy and are intrigued to know what the life of a full-time beauty guru is like. To be honest, life seems pretty good.

So if you want to copy the make-up looks of various celebs, want product recommendations from a girl in the know or you just want to take a peak in to the life of a professional beauty guru then Tanya Burr's is the channel for you. Tanya looks set for bigger and better things in 2014 and thanks to her channel we'll be invited along for the ride!

Tanya Burr's Lips and Nails Collection will be available from January 30th at FeelUnique

Sunday, 5 January 2014

YouTuber Focus #1 | Zoella

Happy New Year! A new year means a fresh start and it seems as though just about every blogger is setting New Year's resolutions to get organised and make their blogs bigger and better. So with a new year comes a new series of posts on SocialVix that will focus on YouTube's most successful, as well as new up and coming, vloggers that are becoming increasingly popular both on and offline. This will hopefully give those of you who log on to YouTube and don't know where to start a bit of an idea of the type of vlogger you might like to start watching and subscribing to, so here goes...


Channel: Zoella
Subscribers: 3,444,770
Views: 118,043,107
Most Watched Video: How To: My Quick & Easy Hairstyles
My Highlight: My Pamper Evening Essentials
It wasn't a very difficult for me to pick who to feature first on the
YouTuber Focus series, although I'm not planning on following any specific order, Zoella (aka Zoe Sugg) is one of the most successful British YouTuber's ever and your ultimate starter package.

Since uploading her first video to her YouTube channel three years ago Zoe now has over 3,400,000 subscribers. If like me you have trouble comprehending exactly how many viewers that is, it's more than the entire population of Wales. I know! Crazy. With that many followers comes one heck of a lot of influence. Zoella can merely mention her love for a beauty product or fashion item and increase the sale of that item dramatically and even lead to it selling out. I'm pretty sure she was part of the reason for those Topshop 'Geek' t-shirts becoming so popular. I wouldn't even be at all surprised if the sales of guinea pigs increased now that she has recently bought some.

Zoella is the channel for you if like myself, and 3 million others, your looking for all-round general girly goodness. Although she started her YouTube career as a beauty vlogger, Zoella is just a great all-rounder, loved by her subscribers not only for her  knowledge and opinion of products, but for simply being her. She's relatable, honest, friendly, happy, funny and let's face it, so damn pretty. Whilst it may seem like she's got it all Zoe has been open about her problems with anxiety and panic attacks which only makes her success all the more deserving and her connection with her viewers even stronger. If you're wondering what to expect from her channel think make-up favourites and reviews, fashion and beauty hauls, life Q&A's and advice, and hilarious collaborations with other favourite YouTubers (i'll get on to them another time).

The platform of YouTube has given Zoella some amazing opportunities over the years. In 2013 alone Zoe visited LA and Florida, taking part in VidCon and Playlist Live, visited Dubai with YouTube channel DailyMix and even had the opportunity to interview One Direction and attend the premiere of 1D: This is Us. Jealous? Me? Um, yes!


Zoella's online popularity is seeing her visibility expand in to the offline world too. Zoe is featured regularly in magazines such as the Company social issue that I discussed in my previous post (read it here). Zoella was also recognised by Radio 1 earlier this year as her fans voted her Best British Vlogger at the 2013 Radio 1 Teen Awards. She'll also be a guest on Radio 1 at 7pm this evening with presenters Dan & Phil so tune in if you want to find out more (hopefully they'll upload a podcast too if you miss it).

Right now it seems there is no stopping Zoella. 2013 has certainly been the year for her and I have no doubt that 2014 will be even bigger and better. I expect that we'll be seeing much more of Zoella in the mainstream media and I and over 3 million other viewers are excited to see what's next. I mean how can you top interviewing One Direction?

Are you a Zoella fan?  Let me know in the comments.

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