Sunday, 26 October 2014


So it's been a while and a lot has been happening in the busy world of the YouTube. A LOT. So I thought I'd run through a few recent online going ons since last time we talked..

1) The Pointless Book 
Back in August Alfie Deyes of PointlessBlog annouced that he was releasing his very own interactive book. Not dissimilar to the popular 'Wreck this Journal' each page of the book features a new fun task for you to complete and if you hover your phone camera over certain areas you will be directed to a video of Alfie telling you more about it. Pretty cool right? For a whole 6 weeks after it was released it was top of the UK non-fiction charts. Not bad. 

2) AmityFest
In September tickets went on sale for British 'YouTuber Crew' tour AmityFest. Zoe, Joe, Alfie, Louise, Caspar, Tanya, Jim, Marcus and Niomi have all put together a 3 date tour to give fans a special treat. Expect challenges, tags and from the looks of it, human pyramids. If all goes well it looks like Amity Fest will be taken on a much larger tour in the future. 

3) YouTube Ads
If you hadn't already noticed (how could you not?) YouTube has recently launched a huge advertising campaign bringing some of our favourtie YouTuber's in to the offline spotlight with advertisements featured on TV, on the tube, on interactive billboards. Literally everywhere. Zoella even got a prime-time place in the much sought after X Factor break. So those still saying 'never heard of her' will soon get to know her face pretty damn well.

Ruth Crilly of a Model Reccomends has launched her own Dry Shampoo range featuring 5 different fragrances that promise to feel and appear invisible when worn. They are currently available in Superdrug stores and on

5) Tanya Burr Lashes 
Ever since the launch of her lips gloss and nail varnish launch back in January there has been talk of what beauty products Tanya would release next. Last week Tanya launched her very own eyelashes following in the footsteps of Millie Mackintosh, Katy Perry and Girls Aloud. Ready for the festive season the range features five sets of strip lashes suitable from everyday use to a girls night out and one set of individual lashes. They are available now from Superdrug and

6) Zoella Beauty
And finally, in September the beauty vlogging queen Zoella launched her very own range of beauty products in Superdrug. I mean, you can't move for stumbling across YouTuber products in Superdrug at the moment. The range is Zoe's choice of ultimate pamper products including body mist, fizz bar bath bomb and make up bags (featuring a guinea pig of course!).

So it's all going a million miles per hour for the YouTube gang. Have you got your hands on any of their products yet? What do you think of the ever growing blogger and vlogger culture? Let me know in the comments!

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Sunday, 21 September 2014

YouTuber Focus #37 | AmazingPhil

Channel: AmazingPhil
Subscribers: 2,051,734
Most Popular Video: Phil is not on fire 4 
My Recommendation: My Tumblr Tag!

 Phil Lester, aka AmazingPhil, is a 27 year-old London-basedYouTuber and radio presenter best known for being one half of internet and radio duo Dan and Phil, aka PHAN. Obviously their viewers  are 'PHANS' and they are part of  the 'PHANDOM', because that's how the internet works.  Phil was inspired to make his own YouTube videos when he discovered the likes of SMOSH during his college days and with little editing and a less than advanced camera he started his own channel. Phil's videos are classic video blogs with him talking to the camera in his bedroom about anything from listing the things he 'thought that were true that are not true' to the now extremely popular (thanks to Phil) '7 second challenge'. 

Phil then went to university in York and after the death of one of his best friends during his final year Phil was reminded that he needed to take advantage of exciting opportunities rather than shying away from them. After uni Phil soon discovered there was a whole community of YouTubers uploading videos too who inspired him to put even more work in to his videos. Soon after he met  Dan of danisnotonfire, and the rest was history...
 Dan and Phil started living together in Manchester where they filmed more videos together and were given the chance to travel to YouTuber conventions and create radio shows for the BBC. In January 2013 they were giving their own weekly slot on Radio 1 which has more recently featured other popular YouTubers as part of Radio 1's Internet Takeover. Dan and Phil have also recently started their own joint gaming channel quite originally named 'Dan and Phil GAMES'. So it pretty much looks like we'll all be hearing a lot more from Phil and after achieving such success it seems like he is now one of the one's inspiring others to start making their own videos.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

YouTuber Focus #36 | Niomi Smart

Channel: NiomiSmart
Subscribers: 769,322
Most Popular Video: My Morning Routine

22 year old Niomi Smart from Brighton has only been making YouTube videos for 6 months but already she's managed to gain a huuuge following of 3/4 of a million subscribers. Impressive.

Even if you aren't one of them you may recognise Niomi from the videos of some of the most popular british youtubers around. Niomi just so happens to be the girlfriend of Marcus Butler and has been been for, oh just 7 years. She's also best friends with the likes of Zoella and Tanya Burr so it really is no wonder her subscriber count has grown so quickly.

Niomi was a successful blogger at Lady Smart before deciding to make the move in to videos. She now uploads regular videos focusing on fashion, health and beauty including the likes monthly favourites, DIY's and healthy vegan recipes.

As she has been taken on by the same social talent agency as some of the biggest names on YouTube is looks like Nimoi's only going to become more and more popular from here. 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

YouTuber Focus #35 | Troye Sivan

Channel: TroyeSivan
Subscribers: 2,671,478
I Recommend: Coming Out

Troye Sivan is a 19 year old triple threat from Australia. Singer, actor and YouTuber. If you haven't heard of him already from being on YouTube you might have heard his song Happy Little Pill from his recently released EP, TRXYE, being played on national radio or whilst browsing through the music channels. Anyone else still do that? It was Radio 1's track of the day just the other week and by my standards that's a pretty big deal.

After showing off his singing skills on YouTube since 2007, with covers and original songs, he decided to start uploading vlog-style videos two years ago and has since managed to gain over 2 million subscribers and has truly been welcomed in to the tight-knit YouTuber community.

Troye's rumoured relationship with YouTube icon Tyler Oakley  is cause for much conversation around the internet, specifically Tumblr...'#TROYLER'! They even completed 'The Boyfriend Tag' for which they won a Teen Choice Award, but still never directly addressed the rumours or gave us a clue to whether they were in fact true.

Troye is no doubt an inspiration to many young people. He landed a recording contract with Universal Music by the age of 19, has a huge online following, and has spoke sincerely about being gay and coming out to his family to help others in the same situation after watching videos about other people coming out when he was younger.

Without YouTube who is to say where Troye's music career would be, but it seems that injecting a little personality in to ones channel with vlogs and building relationships with fellow YouTubers and viewers does help the chances of appealing to a record label. It's not dissimilar to the rise in beauty gurus creating more lifestyle and vlog content so viewers can see the real person behind the makeup.

So that's it, and now I've got 'dollar bills happy little piiiiiilllll' stuck in my head.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

YouTuber Focus #34 | Miranda Sings and Colleen Ballinger

Channel: MirandaSings
Subscribers: 2,013,060

Channel: PsychoSoprano
Subscribers: 1,160,074
Most Popular Video: Becoming Miranda Sings!

A bit of a weird one this week, especially weird if you've never hear of Miranda Sings before. For the first time we're talking about two channels in the same post, Miranda's and Colleen's, who, if you haven't realised already, are very much the same person.

Miranda is a character who was created by Colleen in 2008. Originally she was designed to be caricature of girls that Colleen knew from the performance department of college and who posted videos of themselves singing on YouTube despite not being all that talented.What began as a joke between friends quickly grew, with the character becoming even more exaggerated, and now the MirandaSings channel has over 2 million subscribers. Videos of Miranda giving 'voice lessons' shortly went viral and her version of Nicki Minaj's Starships has received over 5 million views. 

The over painted red lips, the over sized shirt tucked in to sweatpants, the tone-deaf singing, the awkward dancing, the mispronunciation of words, they're all things that have made Miranda somewhat of an internet icon. Colleen's success as Miranda has allowed her to travel all over the U.S, and soon the UK, with her one woman show where she performs some of Miranda's best loved covers to her 'mirfandas'. I think Defying Gravity has to be my fave.  

The thing is, Colleen actually can sing, like the 'she should be in a broadway musical' kind of singing. Once people find out that the girl behind Miranda is Colleen, who is actually really talented, they want to know more about her and so Colleens own channel has now reached over one million subscribers itself. Her PsychoSoprano channel gives Miranda fans behind the scenes videos and bloopers as well as duets between Colleen and Miranda. Those split screen duets still baffle me, it's like some sort of video wizardry. Colleen also uploads weekly Q&A videos, aka Colleen's Corner, reacts to old videos, photos and diary entries and often features appearances from her sister Rachel and husband-to-be Josh of JoshuaDTV.

It's kind of tricky to explain the whole Miranda-Colleen thing. After all these years there are always people commenting on every Miranda video giving her 'hate' and still not understanding that Miranda is in fact a character and a parody. In the words of Miranda, 'Haters Back Off!'.

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

YouTuber Focus #33 | Chester See

Channel: ChesterSee
Subscribers: 1,520,382

Chester See is a Californian singer, songwriter and online media personality who is probably best known for his original songs and covers on YouTube. Chester uploaded his first video, an original song called God Damn You're Beautiful, back in 2007 and has since uploaded over 300 further videos and gained over one and a half million loyal subscribers.

Don't worry if original love songs aren't your thing, Chester's channel isn't all lovey-dovey and emotional, though he has absolutely nailed the puppy dog eyes. Chester also produces his own comedy sketches and music videos and often features fellow YouTubers and friends in his videos, in particularly with his new weekly Bed Talk videos.Recently Chester has upped his video output with a new video uploaded to his channel every weekday. This means even more music, more sketches, more vlog-style videos, more collaborations with other YouTubers and just generally getting to know a bit more about the man behind the music. If you couldn't tell, I'm keen.

It doesn't all stop at Chester's own channel either, he has also produced and starred in his own glee-style musical drama 'Side Effects' for AwesomenessTV which is based around a teenage girl who has musical illusions. If you're a self-confessed Gleek, you'll love Side Effects too. 

Click any of the links above to see some of Chester's videos for yourself, you might just become a Model Seetizen too!

P.S. Chester is also 'rumoured' (it's so true) to be dating previously featured YouTube fave Grace Helbig, whose influence can definitely be seen in Chester's more recent videos. I'm totally for it, if a little bit jealous. #GRESTER #shipped

Sunday, 17 August 2014

YouTuber Focus #32 | Amelia Liana

Channel: Amelia Liana
Subscribers: 197,134
My Highlight: Get Unready With Me

Amelia Liana is a relatively new YouTuber in the grand scheme of things, her first video How To: Contour & Highlight like Kim Kardashian was uploaded in May last year, but in that short space of time she has managed to gain a huge 200,000 subscribers. Impressive.

Amelia studied sociology at Nottingham University but always had a real passion for the beauty industry. She started her beauty website whilst at university and also started watching beauty gurus online whilst procrastinating. Been there. She eventually created her own beauty focused YouTube channel as a result of a lot of persuasion from friend and fellow successful YouTuber, LilyPebbles, after being  in one of her videos.

Although she hasn't been around too long Amelia has been well and truly welcomed in to both the YouTube and beauty community creating videos with the likes of Fleur de Force and EssieButton. It's a combination of her in-depth knowledge of all things beauty-related and her positive personality that does it. I also appreciate how she doesn't worry about talking to her viewers about periods or her 'natural monobrow'. It's pretty refreshing.

One thing's for sure, she definitely knows her beauty, specifically high-end makeup and skincare. On Amelia's channel you can find hauls (there's plenty of them), get ready with me videos, favourites, tags, collaborations and vlogs from her travels in America. Get ready to add to that list of beauty products you are lusting after. Anyone have an actual list? No? Just me then.

Do you watch Amelia's videos? If you haven't yet then check them out by clicking the links above.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

YouTuber Focus #32 | Jack Howard

Channel: JackHoward
Subscribers: 250,189
Most Popular Video: 7 Facts About Jack Howard
My Highlight: Making Memories

Jack Howard is a 22 year-old, London-based, filmmaker and YouTuber who started uploading comedy videos to his channel in 2012. I say comedy but he describes it as 'pretending to be funny'. I for one actually think he is. 

Jack is one half of the comedy duo Jack and Dean (crazy original name right?) and their joint channel full of sketches and personal favourite, their song Consent, has over 350,000 subscribers. OK so  maybe I should have written this post about the duo, but it was Jack alone that I really first knew about. It was through his friendship with Louise of Sprinkle of glitter that I first heard of Jack. I say friendship, I mean brother-sister style, sarcasm based relationship, of sorts.

Jack's videos have recently helped him reach a quarter of a million subscribers and given him plenty of opportunities including visiting Florida for PlaylistLive and having Consent played on Radio One. Pretty good going, thanks or making me feel unaccomplished for my age Jack. 

Have you checked out Jack's, or Jack and Dean's, videos before? Click the links above to have a look for yourself.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

YouTuber Focus #31 | Gabby @ velvetgh0st

Channel: velvetgh0st
Subscribers: 247,971
Most Popular Video: Beauty Haul with Zoella
My Highlight: Home Haul...ANOTHER!!!

Gabby, aka velvetgh0st, is a 20 year-old blogger and YouTuber who posts three videos a week - Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They're predominantly beauty-based but with a few fashion and lifestyle inspired videos thrown in to the mix. Think hauls, favourites, tutorials and the occasional vlog. She actually has a less active second channel too, PlanetGabb, which is more vlog focused and less beauty focused.With plans to move out of her family home soon she's been uploading quite a few homeware hauls to her main channel which are, despite living at home myself, my personal faves. It's probably just because I'm so nosy. A sneak peak in to a strangers home? Yes please.

Gabby began uploading videos in April 2013, starting with her everyday makeup routine, after watching other beauty gurus and deciding to give it a go herself. In YouTube terms that's not a very long time compared to a lot of popular YouTubers but she sure has managed to rack up a good few subscribers in that time. More recently has started appearing in videos alongside Zoella which of course may have helped the quick increase in her subscriber count. That's not to say Gabby's videos wouldn't have been popular otherwise but it definitely would have given her more exposure. People press that subscribe button and stick around for Gabby's upbeat and infectious personality though, not because of who her friends are.

Before starting YouTube Gabby used to be overweight, that's not me being mean, she wrote a blog post about it here where she discusses being badly bullied through school. Her success now, and happiness, is proof that if you work hard you really can turn your life around. It's up to you!

Are you one of Gabby's 200,000 subscribers? What type of videos of hers are your favourites?

Sunday, 27 July 2014

YouTuber Focus #30 | Caspar Lee

Channel: Caspar
Subscribers: 2,681,275

This week is all about 20 year-old full-time YouTuber Caspar Lee. Caspar was born in London but moved to South Africa as a baby where he grew up and began creating videos at the age of 16. Soon after he saw his channel take off he returned back to England to collaborate in videos with the likes of JacksGap and Marcus Butler and eventually decided to move there for good where he lived with Alfie of PointlessBlog and currently lives in London with Joe Sugg. He is very much an honorary British YouTuber.

Caspar's videos often include challenges, pranks, exclusive interviews with fellow vloggers and some questionable advice. He's the type of person who you can never quite tell is joking or not. He's joking, I hope. Caspar also has a second channel, MoreCaspar, on which he posts bloopers and behind the scenes videos.

Now with over two and a half million subscribers Caspar is lucky enough to call YouTube his career and as a result has had the opportunity to travel to LA and Florida to attend YouTube conventions to be greeted by hoards of screaming fans and is one of the most well-known YouTubers in the world, all by the age of 20. Wow, does that make me feel old.

Are you a Caspar fan? Check out the links above to watch some of his videos for yourself.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

YouTuber Focus #29 | Miss Glamorazzi

Channel: MissGlamorazzi
Subscribers: 2,769,923
Most Popular Video: NYC Hotel Room Tour!

Ingrid Nilsen, also know by her channel name Miss Glamorazzi began uploading videos to YouTube channel back in 2009 and now, aged 25, is one of the most popular fashion and beauty vloggers in the world. Ingrid was born in 1989 to her Thai mother and Scandinavian father but due to her upbringing in the U.S really does come across as the classic all-American girl.

Ingrid's first videos began with quick beauty product reviews and how-to's and when you compare her early videos to her most recent ones you can really see how much her channel, it's content and it's quality has developed. Though still a big beauty fan, Ingrid now uploads a more diverse range of lifestyle videos from the classic favourites and get ready with me's to DIY party décor and healthy recipes. She's even created extra cooking videos for POPSUGAR Girl's Guide channel.
Ingrid's videos radiate positivity and happy vibes and her life seems pretty much perfect, but somehow she doesn't even manage to come across as smug or too sickly sweet. It really does seem like she is actually that upbeat all the time. It makes me feel a little better about myself however that she isn't always that healthy 24/7 though, Ingrid is a self-proclaimed doughnut obsessive. Aren't we all? 
It looks like things are going only going to get even bigger for Ingird. Just while writing this post I've seen her subscriber count go up by 500! Crazy. Check out Ingrid's videos by clicking the links above and follow SocialVix on Bloglovin' so you never miss a YouTuber Focus post!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

YouTuber Focus #28 | Danisnotonfire

Channel: danisnotonfire
Subscribers: 3,740,852
Most Popular Video: How To Speak INTERNET

Dan Howell, aka danisnotonfire, is a 23 year-old YouTuber originally from Berkshire and now living in London. Dan describes his channel as 'The internet support group for people who hate people' and uses his platform to share his opinions and tell tales of his awkwardness for our entertainment. I know you shouldn't get enjoyment out of other people's misfortune but when you  feel like it's definitely something your awkward self would also do, I think it's ok. See  'My Highlight' video linked above to see Dan talk about some of his very awkward moments with easily one of my favourite Louise. I defy you not to clench your whole body whilst trying to stop handle the cringe.

Dan began creating videos in his gap year before going to university to study law after being inspired by the likes of last week's focus, Charlie McDonnell. He soon moved in with internet friend Phil (AmazingPhil). You can totally tell that when they were in their teens they nailed the emo, looking up to the camera, hair swooped to one side MySpace photo, but that's another point. Dan took a break from his degree when it was all getting a bit much and used the time to concentrate on YouTube, allowing him to attend conferences such as PlaylistLive and meet YouTubers from all over the world.

Soon enough Dan and Phil were contacted by BBC Radio One (big deal) to create a few Christmas shows and they were so popular that they now have their own weekly radio show every Sunday on Radio One (huge deal!). Why can't I say something is a big deal without feeling like it sounds horribly sarcastic? I don't know. Anyway having your own radio show is pretty cool for a slightly awkward 23 year-old right? Let alone when it's for the BBC. It's another perfect example of how popular YouTubers can crossover in to more mainstream media. Their online fans will follow them over to the radio and they'll also gain new viewers from radio listeners. Win win. Maybe we'll see even more radio or TV presenters come on to the scene who started off as YouTubers in the future, it seems to work!

Dan's future is certainly looking pretty good and it near broke my heart when I watched his Draw My Life video in which he said he is just happy that he is finally being treated the way he has tried to treat others his whole life. It's nice to be nice!

Oh and also if anyone knows where the name 'danisnotonfire' originated from please let me know, because I am absolutely none the wiser! Was he ever actually on fire? Who knows? I definitely don't.

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Sunday, 6 July 2014

YouTuber Focus #27 | Charlie McDonnell

Subscribers: 2,373,504
Most Popular Video: My American Accent
My Highlight: What Are Rappers Saying?

Self-proclaimed 23 year-old professional internet human Charlie McDonnell from Bath began uploading videos to his YouTube channel, charlieissocoollike, back in 2007 and has since become one of the most popular and well-known YouTubers in the world.

I can remember watching Charlie's videos back a few years ago, before it was really known that people could make careers for themselves on YouTube and before 'YouTube culture' became a big deal. Looking back at Charlie's old videos now they seem, well, old, but it just goes to show how much times have changed all these 'internet humans' started from somewhere. Saying that, I remember watching his 2009 video Duet With Myself which uses a split screen and thinking it was like some sort of magic sorcery. Nowadays people's editing skills are so advanced that techniques like this are almost the norm. But Charlie was there at the beginning.

Charlie's channel has developed from singing with his ukulele in his bedroom and creating 'Challenge Charlie' videos to writing and staring in his own short films and you can see he's gone from internet boy to internet adult. Over the years Charlie has also used his platform to work with various charities and help raise money for a number of worthy causes. See, he really is the nicest guy.

Charlie has viewers all over the world including none other than ultimate YouTubers John and Hank Green of the vlogbrothers, yes the creators of VidCon and the author of The Fault In Our Stars, and Charlie is said to be strongly influenced by their videos. They were both around when this whole YouTube thing really started to kick off and are still going just as strong.

In 2011 Charlie became the first person in the UK to hit one million subscribers and has clearly been an inspiration to many of the big-name YouTubers of today. In a world where YouTube is saturated with 'internet celebrities' Charlie has stayed true to himself by creating content that he enjoys and commenting on popular topics in the internet world such as Respecting Your Audience and Sex & Consent.

Charlie may not have the most fan accounts dedicated to him or be on the pages of teen magazines but he was one of the original British YouTuber's and that counts for a lot. Charlie is genuine, likeable and wonderfully British and for that his viewers will always keep coming back. Myself included.

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Sunday, 29 June 2014

YouTuber Focus #26 | Barbara @ ThePersianBabe

Subscribers: 200,989

This week it's back to fashion and beauty vloggers with Barbara from YouTube channel ThePersianBabe. Barbara started uploading videos to her channel back in 2010 and has since rounded up over 200,000 subscribers from talking to us from her bedroom about what she's bought recently, products she's been loving and how to achieve her latest looks. There's no airs and graces, no unrealistically high production values and no shameless self-promotion, just one girl talking to (many) others.

Barbara is now 21, younger than me, but I swear I feel about 16 in comparison because her style pretty is sophisticated. Seriously, she makes me want to wear heels in the day and that's saying something. I know every time Barbara uploads one of her haul videos that I'm going to want to buy at least a few of the things she shows us, if not all of them. I even bought a top the same day I saw it in one of her videos because I trust her style opinions. Ah the power of a YouTube haul.

Whilst Barbara is dedicated to updating her channel regularly it is clear that, arguably unlike some other YouTubers, she does not see this as becoming her full-time career as she is on her way to completing a degree in Pharmacy. Barbara's potential buying influence has however been spotted by brands such as BaByliss who she has been involved with in their #GetYourLook videos to promote BaByliss products. Barbara is also besties with fellow vloggers Shirley (Shirley B. Eniang) and Michelle (Beautyandtheblog) so if you like Barbara's videos and style then you should check these girls out too!

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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Book Deals Everywhere!

This year is seems like every big name on YouTube has managed to land themselves a book deal, Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Shaycarl to name but a few, and last week Zoella announced that she was the latest to start working on her book release.

Zoe has been working on her young adult novel, Girl Online (due out in November), for several months since being contacted by Penguin, only like the biggest publishing house ever, to sign a two-book deal. The fictional book will address certain issues that Zoe herself wishes she could have read about more as a teen, such as struggling with anxiety, but also covers the classics including love, loss, friendship, fallouts, all with the modern twist of being based around a blogger. Though Zoe promises it's not based herself, despite the likeness.

Personally, I think it can only be a good thing that internet stars of today are branching out in to more, what I could only call, 'old school entertainment'. It's nice to know when we get all wrapped up in social media and the digital age that people are still interested in opening up a book, even those whose whole career has been made online. E-book versions will all be available to download too of course, but I'm a real-life book person myself. All I hope is that talented writers aren't being overlooked because they don't have as big of an online following as those whose lives have been made online. I don't blame the publishers though, it's clear these books by YouTubers with millions of subscribers are going to fly off the shelves. The metaphorical online shelves anyway.

I'll most likely be right with everyone else on Amazon ordering mine when they're released. Will you be getting yours too? Who's book are you most looking forward to getting your hands on? Let me know in the comments.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

YouTuber Focus #25 | Fun For Louis

Channel: FunForLouis
Subscribers: 765,634
Most Popular Video: Draw My Life | Louis Cole

Louis Cole is the ultimate YouTuber for all people interested in travelling and living life adventurously. If there's anyone who is going to make you want to leave your troubles behind and travel the world it's him. Oh and if there is anyone who can pull off a full head of dreadlocks, it's him. Seriously, he's like a real life Tarzan.

Now I could ramble on for ages trying to explain to you how Louis became the man he is today and how he became so fascinated with travelling and other cultures, but quite frankly he has covered it a lot better than I could in his own Draw My Life video, so check it out. If I had gone on a road trip to Paris at the age of 16 instead of going to school, well let's just say, I don't think I'd be alive to tell the tale. But that is where Louis' love for adventure began. Louis has a very unique and refreshing way of looking at the world. He describes being held in a Thai military base as 'fun' and I would describe it as my worst nightmare. He even decided to live homeless when he travelled to Australia. But that's what I love about YouTube, you get to watch people who live their lives completely differently to yours and feel like you know someone who you would never usually have the chance to meet.

Louis started his YouTube adventure with his channel FoodForLouis which saw him eat unusual things that definitely shouldn't be inside a human. Tarantula for breakfast anyone? A little after this channel took off, and after receiving some abuse from animal rights activists, Louis decided to focus on his FunForLouis channel where he uploads videos of his travelling adventures and now creates daily vlogs of his life.

After what started as a bit of fun with friends Louis says he now uses YouTube to try and have a positive effect on people's lives. The adventure continues...

'Peace Out, Enjoy Life and Live the Adventure' - Louis Cole

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

YouTube Fan Culture 
Are you ready for a ramble? Because you're about to get one. 'Let's get ready to ramble'...oh god I'm sorry.

Given the time I could probably write a whole essay on this topic but thankfully my essay writing days are well and truly behind me. What I want to talk about today is a topic that there has been a lot of buzz about online recently and it's that of YouTube fan culture and the changes that are happening between creators and viewers as their popularity increases. What started off for most big-name YouTubers as talking to a camera in their bedroom and hoping a couple of people online would like it has now turned in to a world where thousands tune in to their videos every day and consider them the next generation of celebrity.

After attending YouTube conventions PlaylistLive and Itatube earlier this year, Louise of SprinkleofGlitter uploaded a video directly addressing this notion of YouTube fan culture from her point of view and her reaction to being unintentionally idolised by thousands. What she reminds viewers is that YouTubers, and bloggers in general for that matter, only show a small snapshot of their lives and though it may seem like their lives are perfect, chances are they aren't. She also talks about how overwhelming the before mentioned YouTuber conventions can be and the strange feeling of security and barriers being put in place to physically distance the YouTubers from their viewers, something that only people who actually consider themselves celebrities would come to expect.

I'm not 100% sure who got the ball rolling first but the discussion seems to have snowballed online with the likes of Charlie McDonnell and Carrie Fletcher (yes sister of McFly's Tom), as well as a host of others getting involved to talk about the subject. After all, who better to try and get us to grips with what's going on than those that have directly experienced the changes in YouTube culture.

Big name YouTubers like Zoella are so popular online that they can meet excitable screaming fans in the street, and whilst I'm not suggesting that young girls shouldn't be excited, it probably only puts YouTuber's off trying to interact with their fans let alone take part in impromptu meet-ups or gatherings like they were once able to. With her anxiety struggles as well it's no wonder Zoe avoids going to busy places alone.

When the likes of Zoella, Joe Sugg and Alfie Deyes went to see One Direction they were moved by security to different seats because as one of the guards said they 'wouldn't be able to control them'. 'Them' being the fans that had recognised them in the crowd and started screaming, looking pretty close to tears. Whilst this is clearly only relevant to a small percentage of subscribers this reaction does naturally place a bigger divide between the YouTubers and their fans and increases their chances of being considered celebrities.

The fact of the matter is these 'YouTube stars' never dreamed that through uploading videos of them chatting in their bedrooms they would be able to make a living let alone be considered a new generation of celebrity. They are just normal people, and that's why their subscribers enjoying watching them, but the more popular they become the closer to celebrities they become.  They will no doubt get judged if they do show signs of living more like celebrities however and less like 'normal' people. A vicious circle.

Truth is that no one, least of all the YouTubers, wants things to feel like an 'us' and 'them' situation between themselves and their viewers, but with their popularity rising how can this be avoided? I'm not entirely sure it can. I think it's just important that viewers remember that even though they may seem like celebrities because you see them online every day, they are still normal people, with flaws, but just have a few more followers.

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Sunday, 15 June 2014

YouTuber Focus #24 | A Model Recommends


Subscribers: 228,680

A Model Recommends is the YouTube channel and blog name of successful model Ruth Crilly. 33 year-old Ruth, who I definitely thought was way younger, began modelling during the second year of a law degree when she was signed by renowned agency Models One. The law degree got left behind, I don't blame her, but she did manage to achieve a degree in English Literature a few years later so the education is not lost.

Ruth has admitted that when she started uploading videos to YouTube back in 2010 there was no intention of becoming a 'YouTuber' but rather used it as a way of embedding videos to her A Model Recommends website. Now her channel has over 200,000 subscribers and it's no surprise, who wouldn't want to look to an experienced model for beauty and skincare tips?

A lot of people might have some preconceived idea about models but Ruth never comes across as superficial or vain but is very down to earth, natural and chatty. Her videos range from product reviews, modelling tips, monthly favourites, get ready with me videos and more.

Ruth also has a second channel Model Scrapbook where she uploads more vlog style videos, taking us behind the scenes of model life at the likes of London Fashion Week, the Brit Awards and her trip to Dubai. I challenge you not to get a little jealous!

There's no questioning Ruth would have achieved success without YouTube, well she did already have a successful modelling career, but it looks like her blog and channel have taken her in to a different direction that no one would have even considered possible back 10 or so years ago. As long as viewers keep embracing her channel it looks like Ruth's online presence is only going to grow from here.

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