Monday, 2 December 2013

Social Reality TV

So I was busy pondering what my next blog post should be and I realised it was right in front of me. Literally. Once again I was double screen-ing. One eye firmly on the TV, the other on my iPad scrolling through twitter as people commented real-time on the same programme I was watching. Part of me wishes this wasn't the case. I wish I could just sit back relax and take it all in, but for many that's not the world we live in anymore. 

If you scroll though my twitter feed on a Monday night the tweets about Made in Chelsea far outweigh any other subject and I'm guilty of a tweet or two myself. I studied the media, I know it's not all real but I still can't help getting wound up and venting my frustration. Those pesky MIC producers don't half know how to get people talking. 

What's more is people can directly tweet the characters as they're watching. If they want, normies like me and you can feel like they have some sort of connection to the people they see on their screens because they know they are just a tweet away. Twitter has given people the potential to be seen and heard by 'celebs' that they would have never previously be able to come in to contact with. 

I used to be happy recording programmes and watching them later but now I know that if I look on any form of social media the surprise of who gets the boot from Strictly or X Factor will be ruined. I'd rather be in the club watching at the same time with everyone else. Frustratingly. 

We're even prompted nowadays to use certain hashtags as the running titles play so that watching tv isn't just watching tv anymore, it's a social, community creating event. You can be watching television by yourself yet feel as though you are in the same room as everyone else just through using the same hashtag. 

The more people who tweet about a certain programme the more buzz there is surrounding it, creating more and more people who routinely tune in to watch and take part in the running commentary. These TV big shots aren't stupid. They know the score when it comes to social media, particularly those in reality TV. Is it a good thing? I'm undecided. But it only looks set to get bigger and bigger, so as the saying goes, if you can't beat them, join them. 

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