Wednesday, 18 December 2013

#CompanySocial January Issue

I'm openly obsessed with Company magazine. Like I have to have it every month. I really should just get myself a subscription and save myself the hassle. If there's one magazine that knows how to keep up with the latest in social media and the blogger and vlogger community, this is it.

January's issue is a special edition talking all things social media, from features on how the likes of Twitter and LinkedIn have managed to help young people launch their careers to how you can cheat your make-up to mimic the most flattering Instagram filters. The Company gang even edited the mag at Google's headquarters and held Google hangout meetings, video chatting with viewers so they could have their input. Genius. 

Who else other than Ruth Crilly could rock a pineapple on their head?

One of the highlights of the #companysocial issue is the Generation YouTube feature sharing profiles, tips and secrets from some of the UK's top vloggers. Sure, plenty of magazines mention bloggers and vloggers in passing but unless you already know who they are then it seems a bit of a waste. Not only does this feature get readers interested in and watching the latest uploads from the selected vloggers but the youtubers getting excited and creating a buzz about their appearance in the mag may have an effect on which magazine their hundreds of thousands of viewers and twitter followers might pick up. Zoella recently said in one of her vlogmas videos that Company magazine was her favourite. If the influence Zoe has over which beauty products fly off the shelves is anything to go by then the same is surely the case when it comes to what type of magazine she reads. Clever, hey? 

Basically I want to give a big bravo to Company for their January issue. They've got all things social sussed and they do it well. They don't pretend to be experts, nor are they condescending or patronising. They know that social media is ever-growing and that paper editions are struggling to keep up but they've managed to successfully to combine the two to really get the best of both worlds. Claps  and cheers all round! 
Company's social issue is on sale now and you can check out the featured vloggers top tips here


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