Monday, 25 November 2013

What's SocialVix?

Hi friends. Let me try and attempt to answer that question for you. SocialVix is a blog (duh) that's going to be focused on the world of social media. I'm talking trends, what's new, what's changing. Commenting on how brands are using social channels to gain an audience. Rambling about my latest Youtuber and blogger obsessions.

What I really want to emphasise is that although this is a social media based blog, my main aim is to still make it reader-friendly. SocialVix isn't going to pretend to be an expert digitial media blog. It's here to discuss and embrace the online social community.

Whether you've been obsessed by all things social media for a while or just figuring out your Zoella's from your Tanya's all I know is that this is the type of blog I would like to read and hopefully there are some like minded people out there.

I'm just learning the basics of blogspot at the moment so bare with me with the design and layout, hopefully I'll get better. All my social media links are in the header so feel free to take a browse. 

And we begin! 

Victoria x